Make Cornstarch Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Cornstarch Fleshlight Lube Review

by Pocket Pussy World

If you are simply out of lube and your parents won’t be back for another 5 hours, then you can raid their kitchen and use cornstarch as lube for your Fleshlight. Corn starch is an amazing lube for pocket pussies and especially Fleshlight. There is a special term for this, it is Cornstarch Fleshlight and today 4/17/17 Pocket Pussy World is going to tell you why you need to try Cornstarch Fleshlites because they are amazing and will absolutely blow your mind and make you blow many loads as well. The cornstarch makes the Fleshlights feel like you are having sex with a real girl. This is the perfect lube for someone who does not like the smell or taste of normal lube that you would buy from Amazon. The best thing about the cornstarch is that it is safe to use with pocket pussies whereas many oil based lubricants will hurt the texture of the Fleshlite. The Cornstarch Fleshlight is one of the best fake vaginas that you can make, we award these clits a 10/10.