Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight Review

by Pocket Pussy World




5 Fleshlights in 1

Dillion Harper’s Crush Fleshlight is the most dynamic Fleshlight to date, with 5 unique sections taken from Fleshlight’s best sellers. Dillion Harper will crush your ability to last against this pocket pussy. Just released 11/24/16, the Crush Fleshlight is currently the most advanced male sex toy available. The Crush Fleshlight is for those who can’t decide between other Fleshlights. Inside this pocket pussy, you will find 5 chambers each with its own set of canal structures designed to get you off at all costs. Dillion Harper is a very popular pornstar and the Crush Fleshlight lives up to her reputation for being a wild sex goddess.

 Dillion Harper doesn’t Hold Back

Dillion Harper is 5 foot 5 inches, and weighs 110 pounds, she is built to get fucked all day long. The Crush Fleshlight can take a pussy beating too, if you can last long enough to dish it out inside this hole of pleasure. Like all other Fleshlight Girls, this pocket pussy is modeled on Dillion Harper’s sweet little vagina. This means (for those not in the porn industry) that the Crush Fleshlight is the closest that you can get to actually fucking Dillion Harper. Dillion is a good girl who loves to make men happy, so she even signed the pussy. You may think that only a slut would sign her own pussy, but Dillion Harper is a good little slut and she signed it because she is proud of getting fucked there by men all over the world.

Prepare to be Crushed

When you first enter the canal you are stripped of all control as you are bombarded with vertical grooves and small bumps in between. The small bumps attack your dick with sensation while the long vertical grooves keep you on track like a train as you plow through Dillion Harper. This first section spans 2 and a half inches before the grooves suddenly recede and you are left in a forest of tightly packed bumps. Never before has Fleshlight combined long vertical grooves and small bumps in between as this feature is currently in no other Fleshlight canal. They has created this features separately, but never intermixed like in the Crush Fleshlight.

Forest of Bumps

This forest is so thick that it puts the crush in Crush Fleshlight. Although not very long (only one and a half inches), this forest is a dense barrier to the most intense sections of the Crush Fleshlight’s canal. Fleshlight wanted to make the Crush pocket pussy just as dynamic and fun as Dillion Harper by bringing back this favorite feature. If the magical forest of bumps isn’t good enough for you, then don’t worry, because it was only the buildup to the most ambitious tight gap of all time. Prepare your dick nerves for the Mount Everest of tight gaps because you are about to go even deeper into Dillion Harper.

The Great Tight Gap

In the middle of the canal, there is a very tight gap that is unlike any ever seen before in a Fleshlight. Not only does the canal narrow to a tight squeeze, but the canal walls within the squeeze are made of grooves and small bumps. This gap is symbolic of Dillion Harper’s very tight ass and should be gravely respected. As you cautiously pass through the gap, you are exposed to the tips of the small bumps laying in wait beneath the canal floor. If you are trying to last a long time, it is risky enough to pass through such a tight gap, but these small bumps double the danger. Another factor that adds to the effectiveness of this tight gap is its length. For such a tight gap, it spans a full inch of the canal which is very large considering that gaps are usually just transitions between one section and another.

Dillion Harper does it all

After passing through the pink Thermopylae, there is another unique section marked by wide and tall cross ribs. This is the kind of texture found in the Wonder Wave, one of Fleshlight’s best originals. This section feels like you have sweet little Dillion Harper by the tits and are giving her a quality throat job. Or, even though this is a pussy orifice, it does also simulate anal sex. Dillion Harper is the type of girl who will do whatever you tell her to. Watch any of her videos and see that she is an obedient puppy dog to a man’s commands. Many girls won’t let you do anything besides vaginal sex but Dillion Harper offers anal and oral sex too. This section is the second longest in the whole canal at over 2 inches. The longevity of this chamber add to the effect of these cross ribs because if there were only one or two, then they would be nothing more than gaps. When there are 5 or more cross ribs, it truly simulates anal or oral sex.

Spiral End Game

Finally, you are met with 2 inches of spiraling bumps all the way at the end of the canal. If you haven’t gotten off at this point, these spirals will finish you guaranteed. This is coupled with a tightening of the canal which produces an intense effect. It feels like you are deep inside Dillion Harper’s pussy, and you are screwing her so hard that she starts to spin on your dick. While you are dodging Dillion Harper’s feet flying past your head, you cum and it feels like she takes off like a helicopter crashing through your bedroom ceiling.

Crush Fleshlight Review Conclusion

Dillion Harper herself is a petite sex toy, the Crush Fleshlight with her modeled pussy orifice feels like you are fucking the real girl. Each one of the chambers in Dillion Harper’s Fleshlight are intense in their own way, each serving a different sensation. The great tight gap found in Dillion Harper’s Fleshlight is the 8th wonder of the world and beats every tight gap ever seen before. The Crush Fleshlight has everything you could want in a pocket pussy: vertical grooves, small bump forests, interesting tight gaps, cross ribs and spiraling bumps. Since the best features of this Fleshlight, forest of bumps and tight gap, are in the first 5 and a half inches of the canal, the Crush Fleshlight accommodates men with moderately sized penises significantly more than other pocket pussies. All Dillion Harper wants to do is make you happy, will you give her a chance? For our Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.

Dillion Harper’s Award Winning Pussy

Being from Florida, you just know Dillion Harper loves a sweaty fuck on the beach. Dillion Harper is a Florida girl who opened her porn career with a series of very successful “Girl Next Door” roles. After this and other roles, her fame quickly surmounted to her being featured on the covers of Penthouse and Hustler magazines. Dillion Harper’s pussy is so great that she has won awards for it, as she was nominated for XBIZ and AVN awards. By getting a pocket pussy modeled on an award winning pussy for just $80 is a good deal. She has also had spotlights on well-known premium porn networks such as Vivid, Playboy, Brazzers, Twisty’s, Bang Bros, and Digital Playground, Babes. Dillion Harper has been around town, and it is long overdue that she just recently released her Fleshlight. She has been talking about it for years and we thought it would come out around her birthday in late September.

Dillion Harper Stats

Dillion Harper is 110 lbs and 5 foot 5 inches which means that she is the perfect size to fuck in all sorts of different ways that tall and fat girls can’t. She is also very athletic and physically fit which means that she won’t tire out for hours of hardcore vaginal, anal and oral fucking. Her bra size is 32 D which means that although she isn’t Audrey Bitoni, she has nice perky tits that are a gift from god to men everywhere. Dillion Harper is flexible, loves to work out and do yoga. She can bend herself in a knot to suck your dick if you ask her to. Won’t you give Dillion Harper a chance? The Crush Fleshlight is currently the pinnacle of male masturbation technology, rivalled only by the best Fleshlights such as Destroya and Utopia.