Dominika Butterfly Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Dominika Butterfly Fleshlight Review

by Pocket Pussy World

Best Fleshlight of 2017

Be ready to have your cock dominated by Dominika’s Butterfly Fleshlight. Dominika is a sweet Czech Republic girl who has become world famous for her wide pussy lips. Dominika has stunned the world with her incredible pussy spreads and her vagina really does look like a butterfly. This is part of the reason why Fleshlight choose Dominika as the next model for their products. Her beautifully laid out pussy as shown in the picture above has been accurately modeled and recreated on the brand new Butterfly Fleshlight. Some girls have boring compact clits while Dominika’s vagina seems like it could flap its wings and fly out the window any time. The Butterfly pocket pussy also offers the lucky men who own it an intricate series of bumps within its over nine inch canal. This pocket pussy is very similar to the Dillion Harper’s Crush because every section of the canal has its own unique texture that is radically different from its neighbors. Fleshlight has realized that men crave variety with both real pussies and fake ones so in their latest releases, they have moved towards adding as many features as possible into their products.

Brace Yourself for Impact

 Once you enter the Dominika Butterfly Fleshlight, you are thrown into another world where many types of pocket pussy features are trying their best to make you cum. Immediately upon entry, you are shocked to find a maze of large cylindrical bumps in a wide chamber. This is a very interesting feature of the Dominika Butterfly pocket pussy as it has rarely if ever been seen before in a fake vagina. These large cylinders make it difficult for your dick to move quietly by without being noticed. Even though the canal is wide, the cylinders are large and things can get heated right from the start. You are forced to duck and dive, weaving like a professional boxer between the bumps. These large bumps are also tilted to varying angles to create even more resistance and greater suction. Since the first section of the Butterfly Fleshlight is wider than most pocket pussies, the suction is weaker but this is quickly made up for by the unforgiving canal sections ahead.

Large Gaps Inbound

Now that you are past the introductory section of the Butterfly pocket vagina, don’t expect to find any relief from the onslaught of bumps you’ll encounter in the next six inches. You are quickly transitioned out of the cylindrical bump section by passing over a large gap and make your way to the small bump section. This large gap is not just there for cosmetic reasons, the gap creates a strong suction effect that will impact you for the rest of the canal. Past the gap, your penis slides across a field of small bumps packed closely together. These bumps entertain you for a while before the canal again drops off into a large gap producing even greater suction. The fact the small bump section is much tighter than both of these gaps means that your cock will be tightly squeezed.

Go Deep or Go Home

 If you have made it this far through Dominika C’s Butterfly Flesh lite then you have probably already cum at least once.  Just in case you have not emptied your load by now, the Butterfly Fleshlight has a few more tricks to make you explode. At inch six, you are embraced by familiar conical bumps. These bumps are a popular canal feature in many great pocket pussies and in the Butterfly, they are able to shine as the awesome dick ticklers they are. As you pass through this section, the fine fleshy points on the bumps will gently massage your penis head and shaft as the strong suction from the gaps before will force you onward. You then encounter an old favorite, a few cross ribs thrown in by the development team as a nod to their long time loyal fans. The cross ribs have been around since the first few official pocket pussies and is a winning feature that successfully massages men in ways to make them scream.

Big Finish

For the last section of Dominika’s Butterfly Flesh light, you a treated with many square bumps arranged into a quilt pattern. This bump quilt is unlike any ever seen before in a pocket pussy and shows how Flesh lite is continually innovating their product with new designs. Even after several dozen pocket pussy designs, they are still coming up with new effective ways to make you blow a huge load. The bump quilt has many small gaps buried within to make the bumps seem larger and create additional suction.


Butterfly is currently the best pocket pussy of 2017. There has only be a handful of new releases this year, but Dominika C’s pretty pussy modeled on an exciting Fleshlight results in endless pleasure. Let this sweet girl from Prague take you on the ride of a life time with this texture. There are many great things about this pocket vagina but the most important is its diversity. This texture is a combination of many different features making this pocket pussy a perfect fit for anyone’s tastes. For our Butterfly Fleshlight by Dominika C Review Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.