Mystery Fleshlite Pocket Pussy Review

Fleshlight Mystery Sleeve Giveaway January 2017

3/13/17 – UPDATE: Mystery Sleeves are back for St. Patrick’s day sales

1/22/17 – UPDATE: Mystery sleeves are now discontinued but may come back later this year.

1/10/17 – Fleshlight is now giving away a free mystery sleeve with every order over $120. This is Fleshlight’s first major sale of the new year and is guaranteed to make every big purchase just a little more worth it. I once got a random mystery sleeve with one of my orders back in 2014. It was before Fleshlight ever had this promotion and I was really surprised to find this shipping mistake. I contacted Fleshlight and they told me to just keep it, they have great customer service. This 2017 mystery Fleshlight promotion may last for only a week, so if you want to be surprised with an extra sexy sleeve in your order, act now. This promotion will hopefully last until the new Fleshlight girl comes out next week.