Pocket Pussy Fleshlite Story

Fleshlight Story

by Pocket Pussy World


The reason why Fleshlight is called Fleshlight is because of the play on the word flashlight. The Fleshlight is meant to look like a flashlight, because no one would suspect a flashlight to be a pocket pussy and you wouldn’t have to go through as much effort to hide the damn thing. You wouldn’t have to live in eternal fear that your mom or girlfriend would find the Best Fleshlight in your sock drawer. They might see it and pass it by because it is simply a flashlight, not a Fleshlight that you cum into. This is the beauty of the Fleshlight, and why it has become the most popular male sex toy today, it looks like a regular flashlight. When we talk to people about Fleshlight products, they know what we am talking about. Everyone knows what a Fleshlight is and why they are awesome. However, not everyone knows what they look like.

Fleshlight History

steve shubin

The Fleshlight was was designed by Steve Shubin, pictured above. Who would think a man of his age would bring the world such a wonderful creation? I don’t mean that in a demeaning way, I only mean to say that I, personally would have expected a horny high school kid to come up with the Fleshlight. Regardless, Steve Shubin is our man, and everyday I honor him for his great creation. We actually keep a little picture of him under our pillow. Okay, we don’t actually have a little picture of Steve Shubin under our pillow, but we are working on getting one! Speaking of bad jokes, Steve Shubin was granted a patent in 1998 for the Fleshlight under the title of “device for discreet sperm collection” (which would later transform into the glory of the Goddess Fleshlight and Siren Fleshlight). Check out the link in case you don’t believe me. We would strongly recommend not using the Fleshlight as a sperm collection device because that would get very nasty very quickly. Seriously, do not use the Fleshlight as intended by the patent. You will end up having to buy a new one very quickly. We are working on a guide of how to clean your Fleshlight, read that once we release it.

Fleshlight Creation

The story goes that Steve Shubin’s wife, Cathy became pregnant. It was considered by doctors to be a high risk pregnancy and Steve couldn’t have sex with Cathy during the pregnancy. Steve Shubin being the horny young man he used to be, still needed to get off once in a while as we all do. To fix this problem he had in his situation, he did what any other horny man would do given enough time and energy, he built a sex toy for himself. Steve Shubin hired engineers to built a prototype Fleshlight for him. He had a conversation with a friend who asked to test his Fleshlight, but the friend couldn’t just accept a sex toy because he had a wife and kids (if you have a wife, why do you need a Fleshlight in the first place?). Steve Shubin then came up with the brilliant idea to design the Fleshlight like a flashlight so that nobody would be able to tell what the damn thing was just by looking at. Mercy on the ones who started fiddling with it to find out, touching another man’s Fleshlight is never a good idea. Steve Shubin says that he found great value in designing the Fleshlight to look like a ordinary household item because he if he couldn’t sell it to his friend as is, he couldn’t sell it to anyone and his investment was shot. There is no doubt that the Fleshlight would simply not be as popular as it is today without Steve Shubin’s innovative spirit. Without this spirit, the world would never see the likes of our Fleshlight Quickshot Review.


Cathy, Steve Shubin ‘s wife has herself said that Steve Shubin has an “intense sex drive.” Okay, Cathy, honestly a little too much information. However, Steve Shubin asserts that a Fleshlight is not a replacement for a supportive spouse. Steve Shubin has been with his wife for over three decades! Wow, imagine being chained to only one woman for that long! No offense to those married, but marriage is just not my cup of tea. Cathy has been Steve Shubin’s inspiration (in a way) for creating the Fleshlight. Without her pregnancy, Steve Shubin would never have thought to create a Fleshlight because of Cathy’s self-admittedly raging sex drive (still a little too much information, Cathy). If we were to launch a multi-million dollar product, long term relationships would be the absolutely last thing on our mind. For Steve Shubin, Cathy has been continually inspiring to him. Cathy herself says that one of her favorite things to do with her husband (brace yourself) is to sit in a big chair, drink tequila and talk about business ideas (okay, it wasn’t that bad, phew).

For more information on the history of the Fleshlight, visit Fleshlight.com

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