Turbo Thrust Ignition Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Get Realistic Blowjobs with Fleshlight Turbo

by Pocket Pussy World

First New Fleshlight of 2017

The Fleshlight Turbo is the latest pocket pussy from Fleshlight (edit 3/14/17, the read the Fleshlight Launch Review for the latest product) and creates an accurate replication of oral sex. The Fleshlight Turbo comes in 2 colors, copper and blue ice as well as 2 new sleeves, Ignition and Thrust. Fleshlight Turbo offers the ultimate blow job experience because of its unique orifice and sleeve textures.

Unique Double Orifice

The orifice of the Fleshlight Turbo model is unlike any ever released before because of its double opening. The Fleshlight Turbo orifice has 2 openings, one in the form of a front flap and the second underneath as a regular pocket pussy orifice opening. Keep in mind that both of these orifices are non anatomical because the Turbo is meant to simulate oral sex and their lips orifice found on other Fleshlights isn’t very popular. These 2 openings in the Fleshlight Turbo orifice are meant to simulate the lips of a pretty woman’s mouth and therefore produce the best oral sex experience ever. The Fleshlight Turbo’s orifices are very tight and require some effort to fully squeeze through. The Turbo case is a unique case that is clear and pairs up well with the blue ice version of the sleeves. Keep reading to find out why Fleshlight Turbo recieves a 10/10 from Pocket Pussy World and lives up to all expectations for the first new pocket pussy released during 2017.

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Review


Transparent Sleeve and Case

Ignite your desire for mind blowing blowjobs with Turbo Ignition. The Fleshlight Turbo Ignition sleeve is available in both copper and blue ice, same as Turbo Thrust. The Fleshlight Ice sleeve is one of the most popular sold by Fleshlight because you can see the magic happening on the inside with every stroke. There is hardly any significant difference between copper and blue ice so it is just personal preference which color you get. The improved lips orifice of the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition really do feel like a hot girl is sucking your dick. You can play around with just the tip or go all in deep throat style.

Turbo Overpowers your Senses

Immediately upon entry, you are hit with short cross ribs that massage your penis similar to a tounge sensation, but these are easy compared to what comes next. You are thrown into a conglomeration of seemingly random Fleshlight canal features that completely overpower your senses. The canal winds and turns as you blast past small bumps, big bumps, staircases, cross ribs, divots and more until you finally come to a tight gap lined with many small bumps. In this forest of pleasure, the canal alternatively tightens and widens creating a suction effect (small compared to Turbo Thrust).

Ignition will Make you Scream

Squeezing through this fearsome tight gap can be intimidating especially if this is your first Fleshlight with a real tight gap. This gap is exclusive to the Turbo Ignition Fleshlight because of its double ring of small bumps which will make you scream. At the end of the Turbo Ignition canal you will find polygons and a tightening cross ribbed section. The polygons are similar to crop circles and shouldn’t be underestimated despite their small size. The cross ribbed section however is typical of this kind of feature seen in many Fleshlight products especially at the end of canals.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review


Meet your New Best Lady Friend

Thrust yourself deep into the throat of your new best lady friend, the Turbo Thrust. Just like Ignition, the The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust sleeve is available in both blue ice and copper color preference. Unlike its cousin the Turbo Ignition, the Turbo Thrust pocket pussy is much more repetitive but just as effective at replicating a blowjob and throwing you into general ecstasy. The main difference between Turbo Thrust and Turbo Ignition is that Thrust has a much stronger suction effect created by its many divots in the first half of the canal.

Strong Suction Warning

After the unique Turbo opening, the Fleshlight Thrust sleeve starts out with a tightening series of large divots with many bumps and cross ribs in between. As you pass through each divot, you are massaged by string after string of tiny bumps strategically placed on top of the cross ribs. As you adventurously pass from one divot to the next, the suction effect created by these indents becomes stronger, adding the simulation of oral sex. The whole point of the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is (as the name implies) to thrust yourself brashly inside this pocket pussy and the suction effect is there to suck the cum right out of your balls as you do this. This Fleshlight is effective at getting you off very quickly, and is therefore a great pick for stamina training.

A Wild Pocket Pussy

As if that wasn’t enough, Turbo Thrust continues with many large bumps in a very tight canal. These large bumps aren’t your average large bumps because their sides come together to a point like a squeezed nipple between your fingertips. For the rest of the Thrust canal, you will be tossed and turned as the canal widens and closes at various points while throwing cross ribs and large bumps at you. Fleshlight has found that the best method of making their Fleshlights feel amazing is to overwhelm you with many canal features and that is exactly what happens at the end of the Turbo Thrust canal. The Fleshlight Thrust gradually becomes very tight at the end, similar to the renowned Destroya pocket pussy.


Without any doubt, the Fleshlight Turbo is the most effective blowjob simulator of all time. Available in both copper and blue ice, as well as Ignition and Thrust, Fleshlight Turbo leaves little to the imagination. The ground breaking unique double opening orifice is only available on Turbo Fleshlight models and has never been seen before in the male sex toy industry. Fleshlight has always offered a lips orifice for those lovers of oral sex but now they have taken it to the next level with Turbo, the most realistic pocket pussy for blowjobs ever created. With the addition of the popular clear Turbo case and blue ice sleeve, the Fleshlight Turbo gives a whole new perspective on what it means to get your dick sucked by a pocket pussy. If we had to pick one sleeve over the other, we would go with Thrust because its deep divots create an incredible suction effect. Ignition is better for overall experience because of its wide variety, but here at Pocket Pussy World we value the suction capabilites of each Fleshlight more than features. For our Turbo Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlite an overall score of 10/10.