Valentines Day 2017

February 2017 Fleshlight Valentines Day Sale

F#CK Valentine’s! If you’ve ever disliked Valentines day because of an unsuccessful mating season, cheer up because Fleshlight is doing massive sales for the next weeks! These promotions in early February remind us of the crazy discounts they hand out like candy in their December sales. Valentines day is practically Fleshlight’s holiday and they are coming through strong in 2017.

You will get free shipping for any order over $60. If you spend $100, you will get 10% off entire order. With $150 purchase, you get 15% off and free mystery sleeve. The Fleshlight mystery sleeve is back! In January 2017, Fleshlight began giving out a random mystery sleeve for a limited period of time and it is great to see this awesome promotion come back! Finally, for just $200, you will get 20% off entire order plus a mystery sleeve and quickshot.