Pocket Pussy FleshPump Review

FleshPump Review

by Pocket Pussy World

Stamina Training Penis Pump

FleshPump is a stamina training penis pump made by Fleshlight that will allow you pound pussy for hours with a stronger and firmer erection. FleshPump’s insertable length is 8 inches while the whole device is just over 13 inches. The FleshPump gives you 13 inches of dick inflating glory because it will transform your sex life if used often. Both healthy men and men with a sexual dysfunction can benefit from the FleshPump penis pump. Penis pumps are one of the treatments for men who have trouble maintaining an long lasting erection. For healthy men who have trouble getting hard after cumming four times in the last hour, the FleshPump can benefit you by allowing you to go a fifth and sixth time with either your girlfriend or Fleshlight.

FleshPump Will Make you Very Hard

FleshPump uses a vacuum to suck blood into your penis so it eventually becomes very hard. The FleshPump is not just another way Fleshlight has figured out how to suck your dick. FleshPump can bring a relationship to its knees with enormous amounts of casual sex. It is hard for men who are not porn actors to fuck for hours and hours at a time. The FleshPump can make that rare opportunity to have a threesome much more exciting. The FleshPump is an electric vacuum penis pump featuring a Quick Release Safety Valve so that you don’t inflate yourself to critical mass. FleshPump comes with a standard donut sleeve as well as a bonus supple donut sleeve and a clear cylinder. You also get a USB charging cable and a 2oz FleshPump lubricant pack. Fleshlight highly stresses that every user of the FleshPump reads the terms and conditions before making their purchase. If incorrectly used, the FleshPump can be dangerous and it is very important to follow the directions provided along with the product.

FleshPump Performance Pack

The FleshPump Performance Pack is just a FleshPump paired with a Stamina Training Unit (STU). Since the FleshPump will help you increase your ability to last even more when used regularly with a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. The FleshPump and STU combination is the ultimate advance in male sex toy technology for stamina training. We’ve had the Stamina Training Unit for years and it is proven to make most men last significantly longer in bed. The FleshPump is an addition to the STU that allows you to make your training sessions more intense and last longer. There is no shame in stamina training, and many professional porn stars use some kind of penis pump. Given Fleshlight’s reputation for quality and innovation, the FleshPump is a breakthrough technology in the penis pump world.


Fleshlight has stepped away from making an endless variety of pocket pussies and created the FleshPump, a world class penis pump that with enough use will turn you into a seasoned porn star. FleshPump will make sure you are pumped and ready to go for hours at a time. For our FleshPump Review, we award this Fleshlight upgrade an overall score of 10/10.