Kendra Sunderland Angel Fleshlight Review

Kendra Sunderland Angel Fleshlight Review

by Pocket Pussy World

Who Needs College when you have Huge Tits?

Say your prayers because Kendra Sunderland is an angel and she doesn’t stop sucking until you cum twice. Kendra Sunderland became famous in 2015 for showing off her angelic body in her university library. It took Kendra Sunderland only two years since her popular library video to get her own Fleshlight, but it will take you only two minutes to blow your load in her ass. Known as library girl, Kendra Sunderland has since left the classroom and come onto center stage as a dazzling porn actress and Vixen model. Her Angel Fleshlight will make you a believer in the supernatural as it is loaded with intricate canal features with one goal in mind, to make you cum as hard as possible just like if you were fucking the goddess herself. Kendra Sunderland’s Angel Fleshlight was released in February 2017 and is tight, curvy and unique. There are features in the Angel Fleshlight that are not seen in any other pocket pussy to date. Also Kendra, I know you are reading this, you can email me at and we can go on a date sometime.

The One and Only Library Girl

Kendra Sunderland’s Angel Fleshlight has a very tight pussy orifice with her signature written across the bottom right side. The pussy orifice is modeled based on Kendra’s real vagina and it is so tight you can tell it’s none other than this young sex model. Within the first inch, there is a deep gap which produces a strong suction effect. Immediately after this gap, your penis passes through a series of long waves which also have small gaps in between. The result of this first section is that it creates a very strong suction effect that will suck the cum from your dick with ease. Next, you encounter a string of small bumps spaced evenly apart lining the whole canal. These small bumps are only a teaser for what comes next.

New Fleshlight Features

At three inches into Kendra Sunderland’s Angel Fleshlight, there is a group of very small bumps that work together in harmony to sensually massage you. Now the real fun begins, soon after these small bumps you find yourself among waves similar to those in the beginning of the Fleshlight canal. The only differences are that these waves are four inches deep, and are horizontal instead of vertical. This pattern of horizontal waves is hardly ever seen in Fleshlight products and they massage you in a way unique to the Angel Fleshlight because of their length and the small gaps in between each one. These waves appear rapidly but slowly fade away into the next section of the Angel Fleshlight.

Checker Board Bumps

At the sixth inch of Kendra Sunderland’s pocket pussy canal, the waves disappear into a large empty space. This empty space helps to build up even more suction as you pass through it and onto the final features of the canal. At the seventh inch, your ability to last is tested by a battalion of small bumps in checker board formation. This is another unique feature to the Angel Fleshlite and is rarely seen in other canals. This checker board has raised bumps mixed with indents to form a very bumpy ride. If you were seven to eight inches deep inside the real Kendra Sunderland, you can bet that she would not make it easy for you to last. At the end of the canal, there is a dramatic tightening and whatever free will you have left not to cum is gone.


Kendra Sunderland will always be that daring library girl with those irresistible big tits. At Pocket Pussy World, we are excited for her blossoming porn career and congratulate her for her new position at Vixen. As the first new Fleshlight girl of 2017, the Kendra Sunderland Angel Fleshlight lives up to the highest standards for the most advanced pocket pussy. If you were a fan of her during her rise to fame back in 2015, then what are you waiting for? The Angel Fleshlite is available now on and you finally have the chance to fuck your favorite school girl. For our Angel Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.

The Kendra Sunderland Story

In 2015, Kendra Sunderland came from nowhere to becoming a worldwide sensation overnight. Kendra Sunderland was just another girl with huge tits at Oregon State University library. She wanted to make more money as a student and did what any smart girl with huge tits would do, broadcast them on the internet for money from horny strangers. Kendra Sunderland quickly found out that she could make a lot more money from her horny friends if she would do her cam shows in public places. Being the dirty slut that Kendra Sunderland is, she couldn’t resist flopping her tits around in the library at Oregon State University. Oregon is a known liberal wasteland so it’s not surprising that girls there like to flop their tits about wherever these please. She earned the name library girl because of her library performances. Of course some idiot told the police about the sex act, which should be strongly encouraged and not punishable. The seemingly gay Oregon State police actually ended up citing the poor slut for her amazing video. Kendra Sunderland deserves nothing less than a gold medal for those huge tits and they had the audacity to shame her with a citation.

The New Vixen Girl

Kendra Sunderland was addicted to cam money and actually dropped out of university because she had many porn brands approaching her for deals. One porn website actually offered to pay off the citation. Just recently she was picked up by Vixen in a big contract and we are excited to see her porn career explode like the many cocks she has jerked off. She is estimated to have made around $600 for some cam shows and Vixen has already spoiled her with a $20,000 piece of jewelry according to Another part of her deal with Vixen was to get her own Fleshlight brand product. Kendra Sunderland is now living the high life sucking random cocks of all kinds and working for Vixen, so it is probably a good thing that she dropped out of school. Kendra Sunderland was too smart for school anyways, in the library when she wasn’t half nude with her hand deep in her pussy, she was learning quantum physics and thermodynamics.

Kendra Sunderland has been a Bad Girl

Kendra Sunderland’s parents were definitely not thrilled with their daughter’s new found fame. They both worked at an Oregon hospital and had a hard time explaining to Kendra Sunderland’s grandparents what she was up to. Before her famous library show, Kendra Sunderland had only been filming for 2 weeks on cam websites. Her rise to stardom was so fast that she now barely had time to suck her usual 5 cocks a day. Vixen is flying her all over the world for photo shoots and sexy movie filming. One reason Vixen likes Kendra Sunderland is that she genuinely gets turned on when she does porn. Her library video was the first time she had ever done any public sex acts so she was really horny shooting that scene. The best part of her video is when a random girl passes by her and she covers her mouth laughing like a five year old and then goes back to fingering her pussy for all to see. She claims that she would never imagine getting caught but that’s hard to do when your tits are a national treasure. The story goes that someone from her math class recognized her and for the glory of all Oregon State University put her full name up online. After that happened, Kendra Sunderland says the video went viral and her life spun out of control. She also had her boyfriend break up with her around this time so she was in full rebound mode willing to do anything for cock.

That College Girl with Huge Tits

Kendra Sunderland has gained fame, contracts and fortune because of her fateful cam show but she admits that she lost some friends and was very worried about her parents not loving her anymore. If I was her friend or dad, I would love her ten times more and she actually ended up being on good terms with her parents. However she lost her roommate as a friend who she was really close to. Kendra Sunderland says that people think she often offers sex to random pizza guys, lucky library patrons, etc. Her roommate has some moral reserves that being a slut is wrong and you should hide your big tits at all costs. So what if Kendra Sunderland offers sex to random guys because that is awesome and she deserves a slap on the ass. Oregon State University has since banned Kendra Sunderland from the campus in an attempt to “protect the students.” This is understandable since Kendra Sunderland walking through campus would get swarmed and men would stop attending classes. Kendra Sunderland will always be that stereotypical college girl who has huge tits and flops them about in the library.