Nicole Aniston Fit Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

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Nicole Aniston fit fleshlite review

Nicole Aniston Fit Fleshlight review

by Pocket Pussy World


Nicole Aniston’s Fit Fleshlight is one of the most overstimulating male sex toys ever reviewed on Pocket Pussy World. The curves and bumps of Nicole Aniston’s pocket pussy come together in a symphony of pleasure and stimulation. The bottom line is the Fit Fleshlight is one of the best Fleshlites currently available and is also the newest release, being first publicly available August 1st, 2016. If you want the latest in male masturbation technology, give Nicole Aniston’s Fit Fleshlight a chance because it is guaranteed to numb your dick with intense sensations.

nicole aniston fit pocket pussy review

Nicole Aniston’s Pocket Pussy is a Perfect Fit

This Fleshlight is tight, really tight. It’s so tight that they named the Fleshlight after how tight it is. The Fit Fleshlight also refers to just how fit the sexy Nicole Aniston is. At 5 foot 3 inches and 138 pounds, Nicole Aniston is a sex machine, she is both fun sized and in great shape. Nicole Aniston is 28 years old, which means that she will soon be a cougar and become an even sexier pornstar. She wears a bra size 34DD so she is packing the heat with her huge tits ideal for some rough titty fucking sessions.

 An Unforgiving Fleshlight

Nicole Aniston’s Fit Fleshlight is not for beginners, who will find that it is difficult to last more than a few minutes inside Nicole. The Fit Fleshlight is great for stamina training as you won’t experience anything as sensually powerful as this pocket pussy. The pocket pussy lips are modeled based upon the actual pussy lips of Nicole Aniston (this goes for all Fleshlights besides the originals).

Inside Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlight

This Fleshlight starts out rough and ends rough, the sensations are unrelenting and you need to focus hard on not prematurely exploding. As soon as you enter Nicole Aniston’s pocket pussy, you are attacked by curving bump structures that encircle the walls of the first chamber. These are canal structures never seen before in a Fleshlight. Fleshlight has over 40 male sex toys available and it is amazing how their male masturbation scientists keep on coming up with new features. After sliding past this obstacle, you come across a long set of dynamic bump structures which don’t seem to follow and specific pattern at all. You will find small bumps, large bumps, crooked bumps, triangle bumps, circle bumps, and even short cross ribbed sections. Nicole Aniston’s Fit Fleshlight seems to be meant to confuse the user with pleasure from every angle, shape and size imaginable.

Strong Suction Power

As you near the end of the canal, you reach a tight gap. This tight gap is common in many Fleshlights and has the effect of adding a suction force that will grip your dick like a cobra. However, when this tight gap is placed within an already very tight Fit Fleshlight, the result is a complete overload of pleasure. You need lube with Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlight because the suction created by the tight canal and this tight gap is like that of a black (pink) hole. After this tight gap, there is a little section of more dynamic bumps to ensure that you are fully satisfied.


 Fleshlight has unleashed a male sex toy monster with their newest addition to the Fleshlight girls, Nicole Aniston. Just like Nicole, her pocket pussy is fast, smooth, and full of pleasure. Although it may take the Fleshlight beginners a little while to get used to the roller coaster of sensations that is the Fit Fleshlight. For our Fit Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.