Nikki Benz MVP Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

nikki benz fleshlight mvp

Nikki Benz MVP Fleshlite Review

by Pocket Pussy World


Fucking the MVP Fleshlight will have you feeling like a champ. The newest Fleshlight (released on 3/14/16) is modeled after porn star Nikki Benz, she is one of the hottest girls in porn. For proof of this, observe Nikki Benz’s huge tits for a moment.

nikki benz pocket pussy reviews

The MVP Nikki Benz Fleshlight is the companion of the Reign Fleshlight, MVP is the pussy orifice version while Reign has a booty orifice. The textures are different and it is  recommended that you get both pocket pussies because they are unique in their own ways. The MVP and Reign Nikki Benz Fleshlights are two of the best pocket pussies ever released.

Innovative New Fleshlight Features

The MVP Fleshlight canal starts out with a section filled with very tiny bumps. These bumps are extremely stimulating and will get you off very quickly if you are not careful. There are rows of tiny bumps only three across and separated by gaps. The gaps provide a powerful suction effect that greatly enhances the already overpowering sensation. We have never seen this sort of structure in a Fleshlight canal ever before. Fleshlight is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to get you off.

Nikki Benz’s Vagina is Perfect

Next, there is a cross ribbed section. Despite being a vaginal orifice Fleshlight, this section feels like you are fucking Nikki Benz in the ass. Which is a good thing, because Nikki Benz’s ass is the stuff of legend. There are five ribs in total and each time you pass through one, the sensation builds and builds. If the Nikki Benz MVP Fleshlight if your first pocket pussy, it is highly recommended to take it slow because it is very easy to finish among this cross ribbed section. Next is something else never seen before in a Fleshlight (or any pocket pussy), and that is the large circular bump section. These large round bumps are truly overstimulating. Remember that when you get to this point, you are already five to six inches deep in the canal, with the cross ribs and tiny bumps behind you.

High Intensity Fleshlight

Having made it this far, Nikki Benz is begging you to plunge deeper into her sweet little pussy. The large bumps are not evenly placed across from each other in the canal, instead they are randomly mixed with smaller bumps. This causing a disorienting level of pleasure that makes the Nikki Benz MVP Fleshlight one of the most stimulating ever created. Finally, reaching the end of the canal and about eight inches deep is another cross ribbed section. Only difference being that the ribs in this section are much wider than before.


The Nikki Benz MVP Fleshlight will have your head spinning with pleasure every single time. Few Fleshlights are able to match the power of Nikki Benz’s pussy. Between the tiny bumps, cross ribs, large circular bumps, and wide cross ribs, this pocket pussy is very dangerous. It is perfect for stamina training because of it’s high intensity and unforgiving canal structure. For our MVP Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.