Nikki Benz Reign Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

nikki benz fleshlight reign

Nikki Benz Reign Fleshlight Review

by Pocket Pussy World


Reign over Nikki Benz’s ass with the newest pocket pussy from Fleshlight. Released 3/13/16, the Reign Fleshlight is the pinnacle of modern male masturbation technology. This is the butt orifice version of Nikki Benz’s Fleshlight pair, the other being the MVP Fleshlight. Nikki Benz is the sexiest slut ever to grace the porn industry. For proof of this, check her out in this tight little outfit.

nikki benz reign pocket pussy

The Nikki Benz Reign Fleshlight is one of the best pocket pussies that you can buy right now. It is highly stimulating and feels better than actual sex. If you are into anal and can’t decide between the MVP Fleshlight and the Reign Fleshlight, choose Reign because of its tight butt orifice.

Super Penile Stimulation

The canal begins with a overstimulating X section. These X’s are totally unique to the Reign Fleshlight and have proved themselves to be very dangerous if you are trying to hold in your load. The entire Reign Fleshlight canal is very tight and this adds to the effect that each X has on your senses. Next, you enter a chamber of cross ribs that have large gaps between them, producing a very powerful suction that will literally suck the fluids out of you. Cross ribs are also a main feature of the MVP and many other Fleshlights, but when used together with the X’s, they produce an especially devastating effect.

Nikki’s Tight Ass

After the cross ribs comes the tight, elongated gap. We have seen plenty of tight gaps in Fleshlight canals but never like this. Most tight gaps span for only a few centimeters in length, this one however, spans for close to 2 inches! When you get to this point in the Nikki Benz Reign canal, you are under intense pressure. Now you have surmount this obstacle? Good luck not finishing in 3 minutes, this tight gap feels like it goes on forever.

Powerful Sensations

Finally we find a series of angled bumps like something out of the Destroya Fleshlight. These bumps essentially finish off whatever resistance you were building up not to cum, and release the flood. There is no getting past these angled bumps without paying the seminal price. These bumps are stimulating, but not as stimulating as what comes next. The canal suddenly begins to tighten and you feel the walls closing in on you. There is a narrowing of the canal at the end of the Nikki Benz Reign Fleshlight that is lethally stimulating.


All in all, Nikki Benz’s Reign Fleshlight is a force to be reckoned with. It is a very powerful Fleshlight that will routinely have you head over heels cumming so hard that you might black out. When compared with the MVP Fleshlight, they are about equal stimulation so it comes down to your preference between anal and vaginal sex. With unique features like X’s and elongated tight gaps in Nikki Benz’s ass, Reign is a one of a kind pocket pussy the likes of which have never been seen before. For our Reign Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.