Predator Fleshlight Pocket Pussy Review

Fleshlight Freaks Predator Review

by Pocket Pussy World


fleshlights-freak-predator-reviewsThe Best New Fleshlight Freak

The Predator Fleshlight is one of the three new Fleshlight Freaks released October 2016, the others being the Reaper Fleshlight and Zombie Mouth Fleshlight. The Predator Fleshlight has the most creative pussy orifice, with four alien fingers pulling open the pussy. These alien fingers also add extra sensation to the Predator Fleshlight which sets it apart from most other Fleshlights. The alien fingers tickle your balls as you plow this tight alien whore from outer space.

Come Prepared or Cum Early

Upon entry into this monster, there is a large cavern and a ring of bumps followed by indents. Then the canal narrows and squeezes you like a sea monster. Enter the belly of the beast and glide through a monstrous set of predator teeth that offer a massage comparable with Destroya’s inward facing elongated bumps. On Pocket Pussy World, the Destroya Fleshlight is considered to be the best Fleshlight of all time. The inward elongated bumps is a rare feature used in Destroya and now the Predator Fleshlight. For this reason, we consider this Fleshlight freak to be a gold standard male sex toy. These bumps add suction to the Fleshlight and prevents your dick from retreating so easily if you find yourself in over your head.

How to Become the Father of an Alien Baby

After the Destroya throwback, there is a completely new structure that is totally unique to the Predator Fleshlight. The great pocket pussy scientists at Interactive Life Forms (Fleshlight) have crafted a bump surrounded by a ring and then created a circle of these structures in the canal. This sensation is very intense and  can catch you by surprise if you aren’t careful. The canal of the Predator’s pussy now twists and turns until finally arriving at the zig zagging bumps. We have never seen the canal of a Fleshlight product twist and turn like in the Predator pocket pussy. The twists make the canal much tighter and difficult to last long in. The zig zag bumps after the twists are euphoric. This is another unique feature of the Predator Fleshlight that is highly effective. Now you are deep in the alien’s vagina, and if you have reached the zig zags you are about to become a father of an alien baby.


The Predator Fleshlight is amazing, with some of the best features Fleshlight offers and the one of a kind pussy orifice. The pussy orifice alone is reason to buy a Predator Fleshlight, no other male sex toy company in the world have a product that looks or feels like this. If you are brave enough to fuck it, we highly recommend the Predator Fleshlight. With many unique features such as the zig zags, twisting canal, and of course, the crazy orifice, the Predator Fleshlight takes the gold medal from Pocket Pussy World. For our Predator Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.