Reaper Fleshlight Pocket Pussy Review

Fleshlight Freaks Reaper Review

by Pocket Pussy World



Freaky Fleshlight

The Reaper Fleshlight is something that looks like if you stuck your dick in it, you would never see it again. With a totally unique pussy orifice that massages you more than any other Fleshlight pussy orifice, the Reaper Fleshlight lives up to its scary appearance with some of the best penis massages available as of October 2016. The other 2 Fleshlight freaks released at the same time are the Predator and Zombie mouth Fleshlights. The Predator pocket pussy has an orifice that is similar to the Reaper’s but the Reaper’s orifice is actually much more intense. This is because the reaper has 6 ball massaging fingers where the Predator Fleshlight only has 4.

A Very Tight Pocket Pussy

Inside this beast, the canal is tight and begins with vertical bumps and then comes to a very tight squeeze. This squeeze is the result of the Reaper’s tight alien pussy. The squeeze is a combination of a tightening of the canal by a set of wide perpindicular bumps. Following this, the canal opens but then quickly closes again in a thin tight passage. Once through this, you are in a large chamber and the only way out is through an extremely tight gap with large round bumps complicating passage even more. This is one of the tighest squeezes ever seen in a Fleshlight product, if you want a tight pussy, get the Reaper Fleshlight.

From Planet X

After this intense pressure, the canal opens up even more before closing again for a series of randomly placed small and large bumps in the craters of the canal. This sensation is not too far to reach and is very intense. The small and large bumps bombard your dick with sensations from all directions, you are trapped and nowhere to go. Your only hope is do as the Reaper Fleshlight insists, cum quickly and escape until next time. Fight the urge to finish when riding through this rocky mountain road, as it only lasts for a few inches.

One Final Assault on your Cock

After this, there is a large barricade of bumps that also offer a very tight squeeze if you can reach it. To force yourself through this ridiculously tight gap at the end of the Reaper Fleshlight, you must bring your strength, courage, and willpower because this is a very tight squeeze. Beyond this, the canal just narrows even more. As the canal narrows and you get to the end of this alien female’s vagina, the walls shake as bumps emerge for one final assault on your cock.


The Reaper Fleshlight is something never seen before. It is similar to the Predator Fleshlight which was released at the same time. The pussy orifice alone is a reason to add the Reaper Fleshlight to your male sex toy collection. The whole canal is tight, intense and freaky. For our Reaper Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 9.5/10.