Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight Review

by Pocket Pussy World




One of the Most Effective Male Sex Toys of all Time

The Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight feels like a sexy tornado is sucking your dick. Romi Rain has finally paired up with the #1 best selling sex toy for men and together they have given us the mighty Storm Fleshlight. This pocket pussy rains pleasure upon your cock. Just released October 2016, the Storm Fleshlite is the newest edition of Fleshlight’s Girls lineup. The Fleshlight Girls are pornstars who let Fleshlight model their vagina with clay to create a Fleshlight with the replicated pussy of the pornstar. So when you fuck the eye of the storm, you will get as close as possible to actually fucking Romi Rain’s pussy. Just like Romi Rain’s big tits, Fleshlight has made this pocket pussy canal extra bumpy. You can expect a thorough genital massage that will suck the cum out of you day and night, rain or shine. This pocket pussy is not a toy, it is a rocket science in male masturbation. Fleshlight has totally perfected the art of making the pocket pussy feel like an actual vagina.

Romi Rain’s Massive Suction Power

As of October 2016, the Storm Fleshlight is the pinnacle of male masturbation technology. Within the 1st inch of the Storm Fleshlight, you are squeezed 360 degrees and there is a deep slit in the canal. Fleshlight engineers their canals so that they have as much suction as possible. The combination of a tight gap and this formation means that the Storm Fleshlight sucks really hard. Not all Fleshlights are created equal, but the Storm Fleshlight is just as good as Destroya in sucking power. Suction is extremely important in Fleshlight design, it is true that the number one reason why homemade pocket pussies don’t work is because they totally lack any suction. Without suction, the experience wouldn’t be realistic at all. When reviewing Fleshlights, the ones with more suction always get the better score because a higher suction adds to every other feature of the canal

Use Romi Rain for Stamina Training

Next, in the 2nd inch, you will find your path deeper into Romi Rain’s fuck hole is blocked by a ring of very large bumps. Remember that Romi Rain has huge tits, so these large bumps are her tits reconstructed in a sex toy for you to titty fuck. If you like to train stamina with your Fleshlights, you can use the first 2 inches of the Storm Fleshlight as a stamina trainer. Rival to even the Stamina training unit. The stamina training unit is 9 inches of bumpy canal, but what the stamina training unit doesn’t have on the storm Fleshlight is variety. Romi Rain is a wild bitch, and it only makes sense that her pocket pussy made by Fleshlight is just as crazy. You will have more fun with the storm because there are a greater variety of obstacles for your dick to overcome on its journey.

The Flavor of Pleasure

In the 3rd and 4th inch of the majestic Storm Fleshlight, you encounter a large chamber of small bumps. This is where you will finish very fast if you are not careful. These little bumps are so numerous and arrayed in such a pattern that together they bombard your dick with the flavor of pleasure. Romi Rain knows all about the flavor of pleasure, she is in the business of using her body as a giant sex toy. Now that she has created a small sex toy modeled on herself for you to use, won’t you give the poor girl a chance? Romi Rain is a slut in all regards and her storm pocket pussy will never say no, just like her. If you approached Romi Rain in the street and asked for some pussy, she would probably say no. However,¬†when you have the storm Fleshlight you can fuck Romi Rain without ever having to take her out to dinner.

Romi Rain Squeezes your Cock

For the 5th inch of Romi Rain’s innocence, you are allowed respite as the canal widens. If you are able to get to the 6th inch, you will come under pressure as the canal tightens like a snake around a field mouse. Also, this part has cross ribs which can feel like you are fucking Romi Rain’s ass in a way. This part is lethal if you are trying to last long, which is another reason why the Storm Fleshlight is excellent for stamina training. For inch 7 through 9, you navigate a forest of a unique new structure never seen before in a Fleshlight. It could be described as a cross ribbed section with many gaps. Whatever you want to call it, this section is awesome because it amplifies the effect of the tightening canal in inch 5 to 6. If you have lasted up to this point, prepare to explode. The Storm Fleshlight takes no survivors so don’t expect a pardon from this powerful pocket pussy because the cum is about to get sucked out of you with force. There is a point of no return with the Storm Fleshlight, and that is the second you enter. Romi Rain is also a sexy siren (like Anikka Albrite) and once you get inside her tight pussy, you never want to leave.


The Storm Fleshlight is one of the most efficent pocket pussies ever released. It compares with only the best pocket pussies such as Destroya, Fit or Utopia. Don’t underestimate the Storm or you’ll be swept off your feet. This is an all around amazing Fleshlight with some its best features being the large bumps in front, and the second half of the canal. This Fleshlight is truly a state of the art pocket pussy, it has all the features of a male masturbation miracle. If you are unfazed by the huge bumps and tight orifice the storm Fleshlight has to offer, then we highly recommend it. For our Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 10/10.