Veronica Rodriguez Caliente Fleshlight

Veronica Rodriguez Caliente Fleshlight Review

by Pocket Pussy World

Veronica Rodriguez’s new pocket pussy is too hot to handle. Named the “Caliente Fleshlight” after the sizzling porn actress’s hot curves.¬†Veronica Rodriguez is a Venezuelan porn star and while her country destroys itself, you can destroy her vagina. The Caliente Fleshlight will take you on a bumpy ride down pleasure lane as the whole canal is filled with small and large bumps. Apparently, this sexy model came to Fleshlight wanting to have a product that would allow her fans to get inside her and feel her pussy for themselves instead of just watching her videos. Veronica Rodriguez cares about her fans and want them to come as hard as possible so she created the Caliente Fleshlight. This pocket pussy is the first new product that has been released in weeks and was definitely worth the wait because of its powerful sensations.