Zombie Mouth Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Fleshlight Freaks Zombie Mouth Review

by Pocket Pussy World


freaks-zombie-mouth-fleshlightPrepared to get Chewed on by a Sexy Zombie Mouth

This Zombie Mouth will chew you up and spit you out, dazed and confused. If you start to turn green, the fun’s only about to begin. The Zombie Mouth Fleshlight canal is simple, just like the zombie’s brain. It consists of three parts, all as lethal to your semen (unless donation) as the other. You thought the Alien Fleshlight were scary? The Zombie Fleshlight’s teeth will rip your dick off if you aren’t careful. Just kidding, the teeth are made out of the same soft fleshy material as every other pocket pussy and actually feel amazing. This Fleshlight was released just before Halloween and never has anyone seen a more intimidating pocket pussy.

Zombies on the Moon

for the first 4 inches you are in a chamber filled with bumps in craters. It is a totally unique feature in high quanities to the Zombie Mouth Fleshlight and is similar to a lunar surface. With many craters and rocks surrounding the canal. A feature similarily seen in the Reaper and Predator Fleshlights, also released October 2016.

Return to the Classics

The transition between this segment is marked by a classic Fleshlight feature. Large square bumps for about an inch, with large divets on both sides. The purpose of the divets is to increase suction, and at the halfway point of the canal, this is a very effective feature in the Zombie Mouth pocket pussy.

Face the Horde

After this squeeze, there is a army of small bumps close together waiting for you for 4 inches until the end of the canal. These small bumps are not seen in any other Fleshlight canal. At the same time as you find yourself surrounded by this army of bumps, the walls start closing in. Gradually, the canal tightens more and more until your dick is so exasperated that you can barely go on. This final section is excellent and you can see the tightening canal feature in the Destroya Fleshlight too.

Walking Dead Combo Pack

The Zombie Mouth Fleshlight is just as sexy and dangerous as any Fleshlight freak. Don’t be nervous because of the intimidating mouth orifice, this Fleshlight is great for watching the Walking Dead TV show. Fleshlight.com even sells a specialized Walking Dead combo pack which we highly recommend because it comes with the new and improved sleeve warmer. The sleeve warmer adds a lot of realism to the Fleshlight and is well worth it considering you get a huge discount when you buy the whole combo pack.

The Walking Dead should have more dicks being bitten off, or dissolved in a sexy zombie’s vagina. Luckily for you, Fleshlight can accommodate this unfulfilled desire with the Warming Dead Pack. This masterpiece of male sex toy technology will fulfill endless zombie sex fantasies for just yourself or used with a girl doing all the hard work.


The Zombie Mouth Fleshlight is a world class pocket pussy that is a trophy for any Fleshlight lineup. For our Zombie Mouth Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 9/10.