Why Fleshlights are Better than Sex

Why Fleshlights are Better than Sex

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pocket pussy anikka albrite

Why the Destroya Fleshlite is Better than Actual Sex

We’ve fucked dozens of pocket pussies. What is the best pocket pussy? You could say that it comes down to personal preference, but isn’t there one Fleshlite that can be called the best? One Fleshlite that will suck like fuck? Meet the Destroya Fleshlight.


… The Destroya pocket pussy will destroy your cock. In this Fleshlite review, we’ll explain WHY you will break up with a 9+/10 girlfriend for just one chance with this Fleshlight.

male sex toy A Perfect Male Masturbator for Stamina Training

The canal structure is high in variety, small bumps, large elongated bumps, tight gaps, incline elongated bumps, large bumps, cross ribbed sections, narrowing canal structure. If you are having a hard time deciding between one pocket pussy or another, then get Destroya, because it has nearly every feature that Fleshlite puts into their products. The Destroya pocket pussy is every Fleshlight in one. This is why Destroya is a top candidate for the best pocket pussy of all time.

are fleshlites worth my money

Some Pocket Pussies are Good, but Destroya is the Best

In terms of intensity, the Destroya pocket pussy is highly dangerous. If you could normally last 10-15 minutes, you will only be able to last 2-5 minutes against this aggressive pocket pussy. Build up your stamina or expect your sessions to be short and sweet as the Destroya Fleshlite will make you explode every time. When inside, the walls relentless close in on your dick and you are crushed beneath their weight. This is an extremely tight pocket pussy for dicks of all sizes, and colors too. It doesn’t matter if you are small, Ron Jeremy, or the legend Steve Shubin himself, the Destroya’s canal is so snug that each canal structure has a unusually strong influence on your sensations.

FleshliteAn Overwhelming Fleshlite

There are plenty of tight gaps within the canal so watch out. They are in the front, middle and before the narrowing canal at the end. These tight gaps are fun because they are all different and you can tell them apart by the shrieks you make thrusting through. The first canal section offers just small bumps, but don’t be fooled because the Fleshlite is holding back, hiding the punch and teasing you. On passing the second tight gap, there is a smooth, much needed relief from the elongated bumps before and after. This smooth relief is like descending on to fertile plain after a hard passage through great mountains. The last tight gap is near the end of canal, just before the narrowing canal structure with cross ribs. This last tight gap is the door to end of the Destroya pocket pussy canal and is infamously tight.

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This tight gap is the most intense part of the Destroya Fleshlite due to the large bumps placed within. These large bumps are two to three times as large as the bumps in the beginning of the canal. Just when you think you’ve made it through the toughest parts of this pocket pussy, the high alpine of the Fleshlight canal, you discover that you must to overcome this trying hurdle! The tight gap is passable but very intense so buckle down or strap up because the Destroya pocket pussy is about to make you cum big time. Common questions we get besides “What is the best Fleshlite” are “Where to buy a Fleshlight?” (You can buy one from Fleshlight.com) and “How to Make Homemade pocket pussy?

Lesbians like to use fake vaginas

Pocket Pussy Science

The main source of pleasure that the best Fleshlite has to offer is in its elongated bumps sections. These elongated bumps are warm, friendly and silky smooth, designed by male masturbation scientists to get you off as effectively as possible! Each pocket pussy is made of a patented Fleshlight texture that feels very similar to a real pussy. Elongated bumps form the foundation of Destroya Fleshlite’s pleasure, and you find two sections of them separated by the second tight and smooth gap. The first set of elongated bumps point inwards. This section is near the entrance of the canal so you will be challenged right off the bat. These elongated bumps are a precursor to the real thrill of the Destroya Fleshlight, which is the second set of elongated bumps.

number one best selling male sex toy

The best pocket pussy wouldn’t be the best without variety. Why settle for one section of elongated bumps when you can have two, and make one inward facing and the other outward facing. You can get used to the sensation arising from the inward bumps but nothing can prepare you for the outward bumps. Outward bumps are as crazy as getting a blowjob from a moon goddess, also known as Stoya the Destroya.

Would you Have Sex with an Alien Pussy?

male masturbatorDangerous Pocket Pussy Alert

My recommendation here is to tread at your own risk because this texture does not forgive if you lose control. The outwards bumps create strong, sensual resistance which forces you to push harder and harder until you finally break through into the narrowing cross ribbed section. The narrowing cross ribs are like the foothills beyond the peaks, not as intense as what you just went through, but not to be underestimated either. These outward bumps are Destroya’s most outstanding features, combined with tight gaps before and after, they ensure one of the best masturbation experiences known to man.

Fleshlights are the best male sex toy

The Pocket Pussy to End All Pocket Pussies

But the reason why the Destroya pocket pussy is the best pocket pussy is because all of these unique features come together in an absurdly stimulating way, makes the experience less of a masturbation than of a simulation of actual sex! The different canal structures of the Destroya pocket pussy dance and sing in unison as your dick passes through. The bumps ripple with joy when stroked and the pocket pussy seems to vibrate on its own in the heat of the session.

Coupled with a male masturbator sleeve warmer and Fleshlite mount (we will discuss both of these upgrades below), the Destroya Fleshlite will satisfy you more than that your ex-gf ever could. Make the Destroya Fleshlite your first pocket pussy.

pocket pussies gone automatic

Destroya Fleshlight Review Conclusion

What is the best pocket pussy? Destroya! Combining many of the best Fleshlight features into one canal, and the result is an experience that rivals actual sex. The bottom line is that if you had to purchase one pocket pussy, make it the Destroya. For our Destroya Fleshlite Review, we award this male masturbator an overall score of 10/10.

We Highly Recommend the Stamina Training Unit

what is the best fleshlite?Other Fleshlight Reviews

The Fleshlight, and especially the Destroya Fleshlight, is a breakthrough in male masturbation technology. Finally, a portable, discreet vagina in a plastic tube that earnestly looks like a flashlight. You don’t have to awkwardly go into a sex shop, online is the place to buy a pocket pussy. Who would disagree that such an invention is worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

male masturbator reviews

Anikka Albrite’s Goddess and Siren are the 2 Newest Fleshlights

A pocket pussy doesn’t nag you, tell you to take out the trash or get moody for no reason. male sex toys serve one purpose, to simulate a vagina, and they do better than all other pocket pussies on the market today. This is because of Fleshlight’s patented super texture that is able to feel like a real vagina given enough lube. There are many different kinds of pocket pussies so you can find the pocket pussy that fits your needs completely. Some pocket pussies have little bumps, some big bumps, others cross ribbed sections and others nothing but a tight gap. The best pocket pussy described above combines all of these features into one incredible feat of masturbation engineering. The Destroya pocket pussy for example is so good because it has so many different features that it doesn’t leave you wanting more. Some Fleshlights have just 1 repetitive feature to them and that can lead to monotonous sessions.

the only destroya Fleshlite reviews

Do you want Long Distance Sex?

Picking out your first pocket pussy can be confusing, especially if you’ve never had one before. I remember my first time shopping for pocket pussy, I was like a kid lost in a supermarket. Here at PocketPussyWorld.com we have reviewed many pocket pussies so that you don’t spend your money on a pocket pussy you don’t like. You can even get a free Fleshlite with their buy two get one free deal. If you read the detailed pocket pussy reviews here, then you will be able to know which are the best pocket pussies made by Fleshlight. We currently only review Fleshlight pocket pussies because they are the best and nothing else comes close to competing with them. You will not a lost kid in a supermarket like I was when I was first shopping for fake pussy online. We will guide you through each Fleshlite and tell you the pros and cons in detail so you don’t have to do any hard guessing yourself. We take the stress out of buying a new pocket pussy because like a car, this is something valuable and will last a long time. So it is best to be very informed before you make your first Fleshlight purchase. We have heard of people buying a Fleshlight for the first time and not liking it, only to later find out that they bought it without being fully informed. For example, if you got a full length Fleshlite when you only needed a Shamrock Quickshot as a guy who travels a lot. Each pocket pussy feels different because each one is supposed to fufill a totally different purchase. You could run out of money and have to mortgage your house before your tried every Fleshlight model, there are over 60 different Fleshlights to pick from. We recommend starting with at least three pocket pussies because then it is possible to have a orgy with them. Also, with three, you are much more likely getting one that you really love.

fleshlight spanking gif

Riley Reid is HOT, Read the Utopia and Euphoria Fleshlight Reviews

If you are interested in the history of the best male masturbator, be sure to check out our page on the Fleshlight story. Steve Shubin is the founder of Fleshlite and he tells his story.


Pocket Pussy Review Format

We have three sections to every pocket pussy review to help you answer the question: Should I get this particular pocket pussy? First, we describe the unique features of the pocket pussy in question. We perform an overall study of the pocket pussy canal and general structure. Next, we describe (as PG-13 as possible) what you expect your experience to be from the particular pocket pussy.

fake vaginas

Not all pocket pussies are created equal. You can downright expect that the Destroya Fleshlite with destroy the Riley Reid Utopia pocket pussy ever time. But that doesn’t mean it is a bad pocket pussy. Read the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight review Finally, we give you an overall score in our conclusion section. We have reviewed many pocket pussies so we know what we’re talking about. If you are new to pocket pussies, we can teach you how to use a pocket pussy. Saving you time and money, we are your favorite pocket pussy review source on the internet! Do you agree with our choice of best Fleshlite?

best male sex toys

Fuck your favorite porn star! All Fleshlite orifices, besides the originals, are modeled according to real vaginas!

Before Fleshlight can release a new Fleshlight, they have to find a porn star (or female model) that they can cast a mold of her pussy lips. They don’t cast a mold of the inside of her pussy, just the pussy lips. The leave the designing of the inside of the Fleshlite to the male masturbation scientists.

best male masturbators

FleshPump Review

FleshPump is a rechargeable cock pump to help you get full and easy erections for hours. Made by Fleshlight to help men fuck pocket pussy for 10 hours at a time, the FleshPump will have you turning your 1 hour sessions into all night gang bangs. FleshPump is a high quality dick pump and this is what sets it apart from the other dick pumps on the market right now in 2017. Most dick pumps are cheap and break easily. Not only is the FleshPump made of very durable materials, it is aloso covered by Fleshlight’s great warranty that they also use fr all their pocket pussy products. FleshPump can help you bring a relationship back to life if you are a man who has trouble getting it up sometimes because you’ve been fucking 5 girls a day. If you want to go ahead a fuck that 6th girl, then you need FleshPump.

Who is the Hottest Fleshlight Girl?

If you didn’t know, all Fleshlights besides the originals have their pussy lips modeled off of real porn stars. We will go through each Fleshlight girl listing the pros and cons of her physique. If you disagree, check out our Contact Us page and voice your opinion.

Anikka Albrite’s Fleshlights

anikka albrite fleshlitesAnikka Albrite’s ass is to die for. Check out the Goddess fleshlight review and Siren Fleshlight review if you are interested in pumping Anikka Albrite’s ass, pocket pussy style. Anikka’s Fleshlights are powerful and should be used only with extreme caution. The extreme curves of the goddess fleshlight reflect anikka’s real extreme curves and are guarenteed to make you explode evrytime. Anikka’s butthole orifice fleshlight, siren, should be reclassified to schedule 1. It doesn’t matter whether you are new or old to fleshlights or pocket pussies, either of Anikka Albrite’s Fleshlights will destroy you. The picture above of Anikka is one of the hottest pictures you can find on the web. Anikka is just standing there, showing her huge, perfect ass to the cameras because that’s the kind of dirty whore Anikka Albrite is. Get her pocket pussies if you want a wild ride.

Goddess Fleshlight Review

This Fleshlite is intense! It’s dynamic bump structures, super tight gaps, deep slits and narrowing canal structure make it a strong runner up to the best Fleshlite. The bumps in this Fleshlight will drive you wild. The entire canal is very overwhelming from the start and its strong pressure does not even let up for the any portion of the length of the journey all the way to the end tight gap section. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Goddess Fleshlight review.

best fake pussySiren Fleshlite Review

This pocket pussy is irresistible and fierce. It is high in canal structure diversity (a huge positive for any pocket pussy) and guarantees an exciting ride. It offers the butt hole orifice to daring tight gap adventurers and plenty of small bumps and cross ribs along its long way to the narrowing canal finale. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Siren Fleshlight review.

how to make a fake pussyRiley Reid’s Fleshlights

riley reid fleshlight girlRiley Reid reminds me of this total slut who lived a floor above me when I was in college. For this reason, and her perfect ass, I would say she is one of the hotter Fleshlight girls. You can read the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight review and Euphoria Fleshlight review. I never was able to fuck that college slut, but atleast now I can make up for it with the Riley Reid Fleshlights. Nothing is hotter than fucking a girl like Riley Reid, with her cute ass and small stature. If I saw Riley Reid in a red light district in Amsterdam, I would pay her $100 to do bad things to me. Riley Reid is an absolute goddess in her own right, one of the best pornstars ever. I can’t wait for Riley Reid to become a milf. The only real milf working with Fleshlight right now is Lisa Ann.

Utopia Fleshlite Review

The Utopia pocket pussy is the first new pocket pussy of 2016 and it i futuristic in every way. If you have a alien fetish, then get this pocket pussy because I felt like I was fucking something out of this world. With pyramids creating pressure points to tiny bump and cross rib combinations, this pocket pussy can not disappoint you. Not to mention the improved long stemmed bumps which literally redefine what euphoria means. This pocket pussy is a strong contender for best pocket pussy and I can not stop stabbing it with my dick no matter how hard I try. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Utopia Fleshlight review.

utopia fleshlight reviewEuphoria Fleshlight Review

This pocket pussy is one of the best butt hole orifice Fleshlites. The Euphoria pocket pussy is unique because it has grid lines and small pyramids running the length of the canal. Pyramids can be found in the Utopia Fleshlight too, but they are much larger than those in the this canal. The Euphoria Fleshlite comes with the butt orifice so be prepared for a squeeze to get yourself inside this pleasure zone. This was one of the first new Fleshlites released in 2016 and you can not go wrong with it as it is one of the best pocket pussies I’ve ever used. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Euphoria Fleshlight review.

Euphoria Fleshlight ReviewNeytiri’s Fleshlights

alien avatar pussy pornThat’s right, Fleshlight made an alien pussy, you can read our review to find out why this intergalactic whore is one of the hottest Fleshlight. The bumps in her blue pussy are out of this world. I had a girlfriend in college who’s pussy was out of this world, and this Fleshlight reminds me of her. I never thought that James Cameron’s Avatar was ever that great of a movie but I really enjoyed Fleshlight’s idea to make a blue pocket pussy. Neytiri (what a stupid name) from the movie is a very tall alien girl which honestly sorta wouldn’t work for me. I like the small girls like Riley Reid, that you can throw around they are so tiny. Intergalactic pussy may be your thing if you liked the movie Avatar.

Alien Pussy Fleshlight Review

Raise your hand right now if you’ve ever wanted to fuck an alien. Keep your hand raised if this primal urge to release your milky way down a intergalactic female’s throat is inspired by 2009 Avatar. After seeing that film, I discovered the Alien Fleshlite. The Alien Fleshlight is unique because of its vertical grooves which will massage your dick into submission. Coupled with a tight gap of high difficulty, and a relentless army of small bumps, the Alien pocket pussy is the star of the Fleshlight line of male masturbatory products. Read our review to see why we gave the Alien pocket pussy a score of 10/10. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Alien pussy Fleshlite Review.

Alien fleshlight reviewKayden Kross’s Fleshlights

kayden kross fleshlite reviewKayden Kross’s Bookworm Fleshlite is just as sexy as the real Kayden Kross. I have never been able to figure out whether Kayden Kross was hispanic or not. She has a nice blonde hair style but I am totally confused about her actual nationality. Regardless of where this little fuck bunny is from, she is one of the sexiest girls Fleshlight has ever worked with to produce a canal. The Bookworm Fleshlight is like reading a book about fucking your favorite pornstar, and then actually fucking the pornstar. Kayden Kross has never let me down before, and her Fleshlight is top quality pocket pussy.

Bookworm Fleshlite Review

The Bookworm Fleshlite Review explains zig-zagging canal which, in tandem with large circular bumps and wide cross ribbed sections, will keep you happy for a long time. Ask the local librarian for this pocket pussy. All aspects of this pocket pussy come together to produce a premium masturbation experience. Not the best male masturbator, but a close second, the Bookworm pocket pussy is a top pick for any reasonable Fleshlite collection. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Bookworm Fleshlight review.

bookworm fleshlite reviewChristy Mack’s Fleshlights

Christy Mack fleshlite pussyIf you like tattoos and big tits, check out Christy Mack’s Fleshlight review. Big tits and tattoos are synonymous with Christy Mack. Look at the stupid hair cut she has in the picture. As stupid as her haircut may be, Christy Mack is a filhty whore who needs to be on my cock asap (ass soon ass possible). Tattoos are hot, no one can deny that. Yoko Ono would look much hotter if she had a few tattoos. Just look at the above picture to see what I mean, Christy Mack’s tits are literally bursting out of her bra.

Booty Fleshlight Review

The Booty Fleshlite Review concludes that this model is good for stamina training, because it is not overstimulating, but still packs a super sucking punch so be careful. Give me this booty! A good choice if this your first pocket pussy if you are up for the challenge. If you like finding hidden treasure, then this might be the best pocket pussy for you, because you will find plenty of treasure in the Booty Fleshlight if you dig deep enough. The tight gaps and orifice make this pocket pussy worth the money, but be warned that it lacks variety and intensity. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Booty Fleshlight review.

booty fleshlite reviewTeagan Presley’s Fleshlights

Teagan Presley fleshlight girlTeagan Presley’s Bulletproof Fleshlight is one hundred percent as firm, fit and ready as Teagan Presley’s hot body. Teagan Presley has always had, in my opinion, a super hot body and she will continue to be an incredible milf. Unfortunately, she does not remind me of any girl from college. She reminds me of this one milf I know though. The Bulletproof Fleshlight is not actually bullet proof so please do not try shooting it with a Glock or AK47. Fleshlight should really make this point more clear to buyers, the first Bulletproof Fleshlight I owned I shot 43 times with my Glock and tried to get a refund from Fleshlight.

Bulletproof Fleshlite Review

If your dick is a bullet, do not get this pocket pussy. The Bulletproof Fleshlite Review describes a very, very tight canal. If you were asking yourself “Should I get a pocket pussy?” just now, get Bulletproof. Paired with a butt orifice, you might have some trouble getting in at first, and lube is a must! If you like being bulletproof, this might be the best pocket pussy for you. This pocket pussy offers tightness and more variety than the other tighter pocket pussies offer (Super Tight male masturbator for example). Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Bulletproof Fleshlight review.

bulletproof fleshlite reviewNina Hartley’s Fleshlights

Nina Hartley fleshlite

Nina Hartley might be old, but she can still fuck, that much is for sure. Nina is the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry, still you don’t regret a single day. When I think of all the times I tried to stop watching Nina Hartley bounce up and down on cocks, all I can remember is boredom. Nina Hartley’s pocket pussies are some of best Fleshlites you could hope to find. The Cougar Fleshlight is so intense that you’ll try to return it, just kidding, you can’t go wrong with a Nina Hartley Fleshlight.

Cougar Fleshlite Review

The Cougar Fleshlite Review explains a hybrid of cross ribbed and large bumped Fleshlights. If you like older women, this might be the best Fleshlite for you, works great for your first pocket pussy. Go to your local zoo and ask to see the cougar male masturbator. It’s monotonous nature will numb you into intense sensation. The mixture of a string of bumps with dangerously sensual cross ribbed sections will have you admiring the animal kingdom like never before. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Cougar Fleshlight review.

cougar fleshlite reviewSuzie Carina’s Fleshlights

Suzie Carina fleshlight reviewRead our Suzie Carina Primal Fleshlight Review to find out why we loved her Fleshlight. Suzie reminds me of this girl from my college who really wanted it, but I never gave it to her. Suzie is definately a little cutie with a tight ass and perky tits. Fleshlight should sell life size Suzie Carina’s in major department stores like Walmart or Target. The retail price would be about $600 but I would still buy one.

Primal Fleshlight Review

The Primal Fleshlite Review shows how wild this pocket pussy is. Trying to contain yourself, will lead to primal rage. This pocket pussy is straight out of Africa, be careful! This pocket pussy is close to the likes of Destroya by intensity, packing a punch after the dynamic shift from boring to intense in one tight gap. The Primal Fleshlite will have you screaming for mother Africa all day long. Be careful, because you are about to enter a jungle of pleasure. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Primal Fleshlight review.

primal fleshlite reviewNicole Aniston’s Fleshlight


Nicole Aniston is one of the sexiest girls in the Fleshlight lineup. She is a celebrity in her own right and this is mainly because he is extremely sexy looking. Her pocket pussy developed with Fleshlight resembles the real pussy of Nicole. This is one of the most awaited Fleshlight girls of 2016.

Fit Fleshlight review

The Nicole Aniston pocket pussy is nothing less than a realistic replication of Nicole Aniston’s vagina. If you have ever seen Nicole Aniston in a video or in person, and thought “Damn, what do I have to do to get in that pussy?” The answer is give Fleshlight $80 and they will give you Nicole Aniston’s pussy. The canal within the Fit Fleshlight is very intense and can be used for stamina training purposes. If you can last long against the Fit Fleshlight, then your dick is made of titanium and you should see a doctor. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Fit Fleshlight review.

Nicole Aniston fit fleshlite reviewRomi Rain’s Fleshlight

Romi Rains pleasure upon your cock with her Storm Fleshlight. Say what you want about about other Fleshlights, the Storm pocket pussy is one of the best male sex toys ever invented. Romi Rain herself is a high goddess of sex and this Fleshlight is a very bumpy ride, just like Romi Rain’s huge tits.

Storm Fleshlight Review

Romi Rain never leaves mean dissapointed. With huge tits, that she lathers up in the shower everyday, she can flop them out at any point. If Romi Rain flopped out her giant tits in front of you, what would you do? Well it doesn’t matter because you will never get a chance to fuck Romi Rain, sorry brother. The best next thing you can get is Romi Rain’s Storm Fleshlight. The orifice is really modeled off of Romi Rain’s vagina so you can feel like you actually have her. The Storm Fleshlight leaves nothing out, if you get Romi Rain’s pocket pussy, your stamina will increase because this is a powerful Fleshlight with huge suction power. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight review.

Zombie Mouth Fleshlight

Don’t let the teeth on this pocket pussy scare you, this is an excellent Fleshlight for those walking dead fans. If you think Andrea is hot, then get this zombie mouth Fleshlight and enjoy watching her running from zombies. She’ll be sweating, you’ll be sweating. You can imagine you are zombie trying to get in that tight pussy. The zombie mouth Fleshlight is meant to be scary. It looks as if you would stick your dick in this mouth, you would never see it again. We can assure you that the opposite is true, you will never want to leave. But if you think about it, a zombie biting your dick off would really ruin your day. Even if it was a sexy zombie with big zombie tits like Romi Rain. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Zombie Mouth Fleshlight review.

Predator Fleshlight

The predator pocket pussy gives you the unique chance to fuck a sexy female predator. The female predators aren’t as big and scary as the males, the female predators are actually supplicating, but watch out for the claws! This pussy’s orifice is not as dangerous as it looks, what lays beyond this bizarre opening is the real danger. The predator Fleshlight offers you a wild ride, unlike most pocket pussies, the canal twists and turns. Also filled with bumps of all shapes and sizes, the predator Fleshlight is as much of a predator for you semen as Destroya or Riley Reid Utopia. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Predator Fleshlight review.

Reaper Fleshlight

If you thought the predator Fleshlight was wild, take a look at the reaper pocket pussy. This Fleshlight is the work of some devious pocket pussy designer who refuses to follow all the rules. They told him to make it pink so that normal men would want to fuck it, he said no, and made the reaper Fleshlight green. They then told him that they already had alien designs, and that he should make a second Fleshlight for Romi Rain, he refused and made an alien pussy so wild that he was fired. Here is your chance to screw a green alien pussy, it doesn’t get much better than that. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Reaper Fleshlight review.

Fleshlight Quickshot Review

If you are a man traveling the world for business or for recreational purposes, this is the pocket pussy for you. The Fleshlight Quickshot is a portable, half sized, open ended pocket pussy. This pocket pussy will get you off just as well as a full sized pocket pussy but you don’t have to worry about clean up. Just rinse with water and dry for a little while and the Fleshlite Quickshot is good to store or pack. The Fleshlight Quickshot is great for traveling too, to help you save on packing space and baggage weight fees. The Fleshlite Quickshot can fit in a large pocket and can be taken almost anywhere, allowing for those riskier sessions. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Fleshlight Quickshot review.

Quickshot fleshlight reviewFleshlight Turbo Ignition and Thrust Review

The Fleshlight Turbo is the ultimate blowjob simulator with two points of entry and two new unique sleeves, Ignition and Thrust. The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust offers a strong suction effect that is irresistible while the Ignition ignites your passion for deep throat poundings. Released January 2017, Fleshlight Turbo is the most advanced pocket pussy ever released and it lives up to all the standards of a space age pocket pussy. To better simulate oral sex, Turbo’s double orifice simulates the lips of a hot girl sucking your cock with high accuracy. All the fun isn’t on the inside though as this pocket pussy canal is loaded with sexy surprises. Turbo Thrust’s intense suction effect will suck the semen out of you day and night. Turbo Ignition’s diverse canal with bend your dick into confusion with its many bumps, curves and unique structures. We give the Turbo a rating of 10/10 not just because it is the most innovative male sex of all time but it is also extremely effective at getting you off when you need it to. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Fleshlight Turbo review.

What Makes One Pocket Pussy Better than Another?

What makes one pocket pussy better than another and what makes the best male masturbator the best? Each pocket pussy is unique because of its unique internal structure and lips (where your little buddy goes). Most pocket pussies are pink but there are a few other colors such as brown, blue (alien), and transparent. To us, it doesn’t matter what color our pocket pussy is, just how the internal structures vary from one Fleshlite to the next.

The things that we look for and rate highly while writing our pocket pussy reviews are variety, intensity and tightness. Some male sex toys are better than others, for example, the Destroya Fleshlite is our favorite pocket pussy out of them all! Others are not so highly recommended, such as the Pink Lady Original Fleshlite or the Texas Tornado Fleshlight. This is so because, these two Fleshlites lack variety, intensity and tightness.

How to Use a Fleshlight

The pocket pussy is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. If a Fleshlite is your first male sex toy, “How to use a Fleshlight?” is a question you might be asking yourself. In short, Fleshlites are very easy to use. Get hard, lube up and go to town. This three step process generally works for any kind of pocket pussy, but getting a Fleshlite will give you a few more options such as special Fleshlube, heaters and mounts.

You probably want a more detailed breakdown of how to use a pocket pussy, and we will provide one right now. We could probably link a video of a person you don’t (or do?) know using a male masturbator, but that would be gross! Your first pocket pussy experience should be with yourself, not an online video (although if that is what you are looking for, try Google). Instead, we will break it down through visual descriptions… you’re glad I didn’t insert a video, aren’t you?

Step One: Warm Up your Fleshlight

No, this does not mean forcing yourself into your dry, non-lubed Fleshlight. You are going to prepare the pocket pussy to better simulate a real vagina by heating up the canal. If you were to fuck a cold pocket pussy, you would probably feel like a necrophiliac.

Warm Pocket Pussies are Better than Cold Pocket Pussies

No insult to necrophiliacs by the way, I am sure they have their reasons, however morally unsound. You know where to buy a pocket pussy, but do you know where to buy other pocket pussy accessories? If you guessed Fleshlight.com, you are correct! You can buy all pocket pussy accessories at the same place! Not to mention that you should buy them all directly from the manufacturer and not some shady Amazon seller. This is where you need (highly recommended, but not totally necessary) the male masturbator sleeve warmer. The pocket pussy will be nice and warm every time when you use the sleeve warmer.

Nobody wants to fuck a cold pocket pussy

This pocket pussy sleeve warmer is optimal because it will heat up the pocket pussy in less than 5 minutes. You may think that it is a little too hot at first, and that’s what we thought too. The simple solution is to just wait a minute or two for the pocket pussy to cool down and you will be good to go. You are not going to burn your dick if you dive right in after warming it up for 5 minutes, it is just not the optimal temperature to begin with in our opinion. What is the best Fleshlite, without the best heating method, straight from the manufacturer? Get the pocket pussy sleeve warmer for best results.

Step Two: Get an Erection

Get an erection is the first step. If you have difficulty getting an erection or maintaining an erection, we strongly recommend that you do 30 minutes to 1 hour of cardio daily (to start…) so that your body will be better at pumping blood throughout your arteries/veins. There are so many huge businesses founded on selling erections, Viagra is probably the most well known. However, they are all basically huge scams because all you need to get an erection is blood flowing to your dick. How do you get blood to flow to your dick? Have good circulation, and the easiest way to have good circulation is to do cardio. Why take chemicals and drugs to get a boner when you can do it naturally, all on your own? Drugs like Viagra cause health problems that are completely unnecessary. If you need Viagra, you can take it.


In addition to cardio, you could take a natural supplement called Ginkgo Biloba which increases circulation, helping with erectile dysfunction and generally improving your health. I take it even though I don’t have any problems getting erections because of the multitude of health benefits of good circulation. It will be difficult to use a pocket pussy without maintaining an erection as you will not be able to penetrate the canal, especially if you get one of the more tight textures. Even the best pocket pussy can’t accommodate a limp noodle. Limp noodles and pocket pussies don’t match well.

Step Three: Lube your Pocket Pussy

How to use a pocket pussy with lube? A pocket pussy without Fleshlube is a sad pocket pussy. Lube is extremely important when using the Fleshlight. We recommend using Fleshlight’s own lube brand, (they made the male masturbator, don’t you think they would also make the best lube for their product?) not only because it is compatible with the Fleshlite, (you can only use water-based lubricants with Fleshlights, NEVER oil or silicone-based lubricants) but because it simulates a silky, smooth texture that you simply can not find with other lubes. In a one on one case study personally done, we found that Fleshlube was simply the superior lube, especially when used in Fleshlites and other pocket pussies.

Always Deals on the Website

In addition, there are always deals on the Fleshlite site where the more you buy, the more you can get for free. Fleshlube is a great product and really blows most other pocket pussy oriented lube out of the water. What is the best male masturbator, without the best lube? Good lube is the key to any successful pocket pussy relationship. Yes, I said relationship, watch how easy it is to get attached to your pocket pussy.

Step Four: Pick a Mount

How to use a pocket pussy with a mount? Your pocket pussy is heated, lubed up and you are hard as a rock. The beauty of the pocket pussy (unless you get an ultra intense pocket pussy like Utopia) is the practicality to use it for stamina training. Fleshlite actually has a pocket pussy designed for stamina training called the Stamina Training Unit (STU), but in our opinion, any Fleshlite, even the Destroya Fleshlight, can be used to train stamina. Beware of pocket pussy dangers such as falling off the mount and embarrassing yourself. This is one of the most common pocket pussy dangers. Male masturbator mounts are actually safer than improvised mounts. These mounts are specially designed for Fleshlites.

Simulate Sex Better with Fleshlight Mounts

You could hypothetically use the pocket pussy in your hand as you are sitting in a chair but honestly, how realistic is that? Using a mount with pocket pussies feel amazing and adds another degree of realism to the experience. You are simply upgrading your masturbation, which is what using pocket pussies are all about. Fleshlite is about upgrading your sexual experience, which is why we strongly recommend picking up a specially designed (by Fleshlight) Fleshlight mount.

Fleshlight Mounts take Pocket Pussies to the Next Level

There are currently three Fleshlite mounts to pick from. A common question we get asked is if pocket pussy mounts are worth the money. Using a mount with the a decent pocket pussy feels amazing! In our opinion, yes, especially if you are chasing the best pocket pussy experience possible. If you really want to achieve the most realistic masturbation experience possible, getting a mount is required. With the pocket pussy mounts, you can take stamina training to whole next level.

Pocket Pussy Mounts Make a Big Difference

Imagine thrusting into a warm, silky smooth, wet hole ass naked in the middle of your dining room (or bedroom…) instead of quietly stroking yourself in your computer chair. The difference of experience is so monumental, that we can simply not recommend one of these enough. If you are “inexperienced,” the pocket pussy mounts go a long way to give you more experience, because they provide a much more realistic experience than sitting and stroking. It is common for guys to get a pocket pussy because they have little sexual experience. Pocket pussy mounts are sorta like cheating, in that you get to experience actual sex positions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

pocket pussy review Step Five: Have Fun

Now that “How to use a male masturbator?” is answered, I will share helpful tips to improve your overall pocket pussy experience and make you launch off. If this is your first Fleshlite, and you live with other people (dorm/apartment/house/prison cell), then make sure your doors are locked, window blinds down, and maybe have some sort of passive drowning noise like a dehumidifier by your door. Getting a dehumidifier or air filter help significantly to reduce the level of anxiety as pocket pussies generally make loud smacking sounds as you lay into them.

Fleshlights can Simulate Real Sexual Encounters

The point of buying the a pocket pussy is to increase the value of your masturbation experiences to the point where your sessions become less of masturbation experiences and more of simulated sex experiences. You need to be comfortable, knowing that there is no way someone is going to catch you in the act. Going the distance to make sure you are in total privacy goes a long way towards relaxing your nerves and adding to the fun of owning a Fleshlight.

Privacy and Peace of Mind while using your Fleshlite

If you have to, postpone your masturbation sessions until a time when everyone is sleeping or away. Just like real sex, using a pocket pussy creates loud smacking sounds (although you can minimize these by loosening the cap on the back of your male masturbator, causing suction to decrease) and these become awkwardly apparent when your mom, siblings or roommate pass by your door. A simple dehumidifier will create enough noise to drown most of your love-making sounds.

(Optional) Step Six: Headphones and Porn

How to use a pocket pussy in the best possible manner? If you are going to masturbate, you may as well have something nice to look at. This is the moment when you turn off all your lights, tell your parents you are taking a nap, and open up your favorite porn site. For laptop users, position your laptop in front of your pocket pussy mount. Same technique can be used for mobile devices.

Fleshlight Preparation is Key

If you have a desktop computer, make space in your room to set up a mount facing your desktop. It is also highly recommended to use headphones (obviously necessary if you don’t live alone) as they will greatly increase your immersion into the porn and contribute to the best Fleshlite experience possible. Check out Vice’s interview with the creator of Fleshlite to learn just how much fun he has with it.

How to use a fleshliteAre Fleshlites Worth it?

Many people get hung up on whether or not male sex toys actually work and if Fleshlights are good or not. Are pocket pussies Good? Yes. Do pocket pussies work? Yes. Are male masturbators worth the money? Yes. The Fleshlite really is not all that expensive. For $80 ($35 for the new Fleshlight Quickshot) you are gaining access to unlimited pleasure and unlimited pussy. If that is not the greatest deal of our time, then what is?

People email us all the time, asking silly questions like “Is a pocket pussy worth it?” and all I have to do is simply point out that they are paying a small fee for unlimited sexual release. No more dealing with nagging women who won’t shut up when all you want to do is stick your dick in their pussy. No more going clubbing or bar hopping for hours on end just to go home empty handed (literally) and poorer at the end of the night.

Instead of putting yourself through the trouble of spending hours on a real girl, you can lock yourself in your room, put on some headphones and simulate real sex for hours, hell, maybe even days on end. Of course, at some point, you should eat and sleep, but you get my point. Pocket pussies are a gift given to you directly from god, through the internet, and all you have to do is accept.

Should I Buy a Pocket Pussy? Should I get a Male Masturbator? LMR?

As stated above, the Fleshlite is a breakthrough in male masturbation technology. If our ancestors were presented with such a gift of god as the pocket pussy, questions like “Should I buy a pocket pussy?” would not even occur to them. Imagine, on the plains of Wyoming, five hundred years ago, some Native American boy is frustrated because his Native American wife is giving him LMR (Last Minute Resistance) for no good reason. He went through the trouble of marrying this ungrateful princess and all he wants to do is ejaculate in her ass.

what is a fleshlight

Sex Available in Flashlight From

You could have been that blue balled Native American boy had Fate dealt you a different hand! Now that boy has to spit in his hands and get down to it the old fashioned way. The point is that you are lucky as hell to live in an age when pussy literally comes in a flashlight form. If I get one more “Should I get a Fleshlight?” or “Where to buy a Fleshlite?” email, I will definitely explode with anger!

Not to mention it blows my mind that sex is literally available in flashlight form. We have officially reached the ultimate peak of human civilization. What else is there to do? Eternal life? Self aware AI? Nothing can honestly top sex in flashlight form, right? When Lycurgus, the great lawgiver of Sparta reformed Spartan civilization in the 9th century BCE, he forgot to set money aside for making pussies available in flashlight form, his greatest mistake! The Destroya Fleshlite rivals actual sex considering how long you can fuck it without having to put up with a woman’s bullshit.

Are Pocket Pussies Worth it?

Are pocket pussies worth it? Yes, please stop asking us this question. The time you took to write out that question in an email to us is time that you could have spent having the time of your life with a Destroya Fleshlite. Pocket pussies are great, no doubt about it. Owning a Fleshlite, maybe even the best pocket pussy will install an Abundance Mentality. Before, sex was scarce, and you would consider yourself “lucky” to get laid. But once you purchase a pocket pussy, you will find sex so plentiful that it will bore you. Are Fleshlites worth the money? If you’re asking whether $80 (or $35) is a high price to pay for truly unlimited pussy, then you should re-evaluate your life and your life decisions.

Ask any economist if you are getting your money’s worth from this transaction and the answer with be a resounding yes every time. Stop asking stupid questions like “Do Fleshlites work?” and “Should I buy a male masturbator?” and just do it already.

where to buy a pocket pussyAre Fleshlights Good?

Another question we often get asked is “Are Fleshlights good?” The only way to properly answer this question is to run through a list of all the reasons why Fleshlites are good. Fleshlight FleshPumps are good because they help you last longer in bed. To start, pocket pussies don’t bitch at you when you don’t respond to their text messages in 24 hours. Pocket pussies are a one time payment, the same is not true of women who require you to take them on dates every week and pay for them. Also, male sex toys are good for stamina training, you can take control of your sex life and last longer in bed by using a pocket pussy.

Owning a pocket pussy is beneficial to your mental health during those unsuccessful mating seasons. “Are Fleshlites good?” is a silly question when you consider masturbating with your hand or a cut out orange that you heated up in microwave for thirty seconds. pocket pussies are good for trying out kinky sex positions because you can place a Fleshlight anywhere. The same can’t be said for a 100 pound girl. We have been using pocket pussies longer than you’ve known what a pocket pussy is, and can guarantee that if Fleshlights weren’t the best thing since sliced bread, the website wouldn’t exist.

Pocket Pussy Story

To prove that Fleshlights are good, I will tell you a pocket pussy story. When I got my second pocket pussy (read about it at Primal Fleshlight Review), I was very happy with Fleshlight’s products. I was so happy that I decided to create a website about how good pocket pussies are. Me and my staff have put hours into each page of PocketPussyWorld.com, and we are proud of our work. We are rewarded by the knowledge that we helped someone find the Best Fleshlite for them.

If you are still on the fence about buying a Fleshlight, read one of our reviews and pick one for yourself. Nearly all of the Fleshlights are great and we recommend purchasing the one that suits your tastes best. Are Fleshlights good enough to make you splurge every time? Yes. If you have read enough here, you can always check out the Fleshlite store for more information about pocket pussies.

Is Discreet Shipping Available?

Yes, discreet shipping is available with Fleshlite orders. The only return address on the box will be “ILF” which stands for Interactive Life Forms, company behind Fleshlight. There is nothing on the box that says Fleshlite, sex toy or anything that would give away the contents inside. There is no big logo on the boxes like you see on Amazon boxes. You will receive a big plain brown shipping box with a little postal sticker on it, that’s it. Fleshlite obviously knows that shipping their products in obviously marked packages would not be buyer friendly. Although personally I would have no problem if people knew I ordered a pocket pussy online, Fleshlights are awesome and they should be jealous! If you are still concerned about discreet shipping, you can email or call their support line directly.

how to clean a fleshlightDon’t Buy Cheap Pocket Pussies

Cheap pocket pussies are terrible. I have never seen a good cheap pocket pussy in my entire life. If you are spending under $60 for a cheap pocket pussy, you can guarantee yourself that that pocket pussy looks like scrambled eggs. Cheap pocket pussies are so bad, I dont even see why people bother with them anymore. Fleshlite is the only way to go. there is a reason people say “nothing beats a Fleshlight.” pocket pussies have been and will always be the best pocket pussies of all time. Most cheap Fleshlights are painfully fake, and some of the worst ones outright scare me.

They look like scrambled eggs 99% of the times and their appearance is generally scary. With Fleshlights, each orifice (besides the originals) is modeled off of a real porn star. This guarantees that pocket pussies are as appealing to the eye as to the dick. When you get a Fleshlite it will last for a long time. Not the same can be said of cheap pocket pussies. They have the tendency to break after only a few weeks. They are from china, made in factories by the hundreds of thousands. Right now there is some Chinese guy out sitting in a warehouse with 1.5 million cheap pocket pussies all around him. He has both your money and your shame. Cheap pocket pussies are a scam, none of them work, even if you can manage to get an erection.

How to Clean a Pocket Pussy

Pocket pussies are not the beast they’re made out to be in regards to cleaning. Proper pocket pussy care is simple and easy. Immediately after ejaculation, the easiest way to clean out the pocket pussy is to run water through it at the nearest sink. Turn the water up higher than usual so that the added pressure will power scrub your cum away. One of the major benefits of using pocket pussies is that there is absolutely no need for cleanup. All of the waste (toxic waste if you are an alien) is safely contained within the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight meet Sink, Sink meet Fleshlight

Using our method of running water through the canal in the sink will quickly clean out the waste. You are able to go again in seconds. It is very important to dry your pocket pussy after use. If you do not plan to go on a marathon (often the case with the Euphoria Fleshlight), then drying the case is the best way to ensure that bad things do not happen to your pocket pussy. Bad things include mold growing on, or inside your pocket pussy which would be incredibly nasty. However, this is okay because prevention is one hundred percent guaranteed when you dry out the pocket pussy.

After use and washing, take the Fleshlite sleeve out of the plastic container, place on a dry surface, and leave out to dry for a few hours. No, you should not put your pocket pussy in the sun to dry. Doing this could potentially melt the plastic. I dont think that Fleshlite would give you a new product if you were to actually melt it in the sun.

Do NOT Make your Own Pocket Pussy

Don’t make your own pocket pussy. Pocket pussy manufacturing is best left to the professionals. The Fleshlight is going to be better than whatever homemade pocket pussy you come up with. Fleshlights last a lifetime. Fleshlights are the type of pocket pussy that break in, instead of break down. I will laugh when your pocket pussy breaks down while mine gets better. Homemade pocket pussies rarely last more than one week even if you really easy with it. But if you are going easy with your homemade pocket pussy then you can’t be enjoying it that much. With a Fleshlight, you can go 100% fuck mode, with no concerns of the pocket pussy being unusable afterwards.

Pocket Pussies are Better than Women

I have seen people online combining many different strange household items to make a pocket pussy. Some of these contraptions are outright dangerous, one had bleach in it! I couldn’t believe the lengths people go through to get off. Fleshlights are simple, you buy one, it lasts a lifetime of pleasure and there is no reason to talk to women anymore. Think about just how much time women take up. Traveling to meet somewhere will take you 30 minutes, the actual dates costs 2 hours, and the travelling back is another 30 minutes, and then sex is just 10 minutes.

Consider the Best Use of your Time

With women, you spend 3 hours not having sex and 10 minutes having sex. If you owned a Fleshlight you could have spent that 3 hours and 10 minutes having sex with your pocket pussy. It is often said that the best thing about a pocket pussy is that it doesn’t talk to you. It would be really easy to make a talking pocket pussy. Why hasn’t it been done yet? Talking pocket pussies don’t exist because no one would buy a talking pocket pussy. If you wanted a talking pocket pussy, you would get a woman.

Unlimited Sex

Another thing to think about when considering getting a pocket pussy is how much do I get for my money? A valid question, many buyers might be afraid of getting burned buying pocket pussies in the past. The average Fleshlight costs $60 and you get unlimited sex. The average date costs $60 and there is a chance that you won’t get sex, even one time. I don’t believe there is a better deal than $60 for unlimited sex. Get the Fleshlight Quickshot if you are a man on the go. If you are a real man, you travel the world and fight wild animals. Women can’t always make the move to the middle of the Amazonian Rainforest just because you want to fight wild toucans.


How to Choose the Best Pocket Pussy for you

There are so many different kinds of pocket pussies available, it can be extremely difficult to pick only one. That’s why we recommend getting a double Fleshlight pack instead of a single Fleshlite. If you end up not liking the texture of the first pocket pussy, you will have another texture. This is important because once you use your Fleshlight, you can not return it. Nobody would ever buy a used pocket pussy, once you use it once, it is yours forever. Many people end up liking their first Fleshlight so much that they buy again. With the combo packs, you can save money because both pocket pussies are discounted since it is a larger order.

The discount is roughly 40% so that is a really good deal in my opinion. If you really just don’t have the money to spend on a double Fleshlight pack, then you can help ensure you find the best pocket pussy for you by reading our Fleshlight reviews. Read each review carefully, and pick out a handful of your favorite pocket pussies. Reading Fleshlight reviews will help you understand how each pocket pussy feels. We are pocket pussy experts and know which pocket pussies are worth your money. If you have any questions about the Fleshlight review or want more information, please visit our contact us page to see how to get in touch. You can email us any pocket pussy related questions.

Veterinary use of Pocket Pussies

Surprisingly (This honestly doesn’t surprise me too much…), “pocket pussies are widely used by small and large farms in legal cattle artificial insemination government and private programs and semen collection centers for collecting animal sperm and its further application in society” (Wikipedia – pocket pussy). An artificial vagina designed (not by Fleshlight) to collect semen will copy some or all of the features and specific behaviors of an animal’s pussy.

Pocket Pussies for Horses?

There are many types of such apparatuses, but the most common design utilizes a tube with a regularly sterile inner liner plus a hard outer shell. These stands, especially the ones for horse are actually quite large, standing 4 feet tall and weighing over 100 pounds. They are not as hideable as a Fleshlight or the Fleshlight Quickshot. The canal walls of this tube is hollow and filled to the top with warm water to perfectly mimic a natural animal body temperature for better accurate results, and may contain a thin, yet durable filter to separate out the semen. While you probably do not need a Fleshlight built for horses, it is very interesting to know about the wonders that pocket pussies can bring to all forms of life.


10 Reasons Why you Need a Pocket Pussy

1. You don’t have a talking sex toy (woman)

It is perfectly okay to be a single dude. Relationships are time consuming, frustrating and often fruitless. Above all, relationships are expensive, nothing breaks the bank like a decent date. Why spend $80 every time to fuck a girl when you could just spend $80 once and fuck your pocket pussy whenever you want, wherever you want.

With women, you spend 99% of your time either on a date, spending money on her, or bored to death of the “conversation.” When you finally get to the 1% and finish, you feel dumb because you just spent 8 hours working to get laid. It simply is not worth it your time to date. Just get a pocket pussy and you can spend 100% of your time fucking. No dates, no spending money again and again (not entirely true if you use Fleshlube). Pocket pussies are better than women.

2. You are Horny

Pocket pussies are built to do only one thing, get you off as effectively and fully as possible. You are probably horny right now but if you had a pocket pussy, you wouldn’t be, that’s a fact. Why torture yourself, just get a Fleshlight, they are worth your money! Being horny and without a pocket pussy is absolute torture. We have all been there at some point or another, and we know that feeling sucks. Sometimes you simply don’t feel like slobbering up your hands and making a big mess just to get off and you remain horny. Avoid this trouble by simply getting a pocket pussy and you will never have to worry about being horny again.

3. Pocket Pussies are the Perfect Stamina Training Devices for men

Most men suffer from some sort of premature ejaculation. In reality, this is 100% totally preventable. If you were to spend 10 hours a day practicing with your pocket pussy, you would become able to last really long in bed. We’re not saying that you need to train for 10 hours a day with a Fleshlight to see improvements in your stamina and general ability to last longer in bed. Quite honestly, Fleshlights are more intense than actual vaginas, and using one regularly will make you last longer in bed.

One of the main things women complain about the male partner is his ability to last long in bed. You can simply avoid the ordeal of trying harder and harder to last for a long time in bed if you just got yourself a pocket pussy. Before I ever had a pocket pussy and could last long in bed, I’ve had quite a few women break up with me simply because I couldn’t last. I couldn’t last mainly for two reasons, I didn’t have a Fleshlight, and I sleep with very hot women.

Before I had a Fleshlight, I would last for about 10 minutes masturbating if I was watching quality porn. When I first got my Fleshlight, my stamina slipped to about 5 minutes because I was totally unprepared for the raw sensation that the Fleshlight would impose on my dick. After a few weeks of training, I found that I was able to comfortably last about 25 minutes to the same sort of porn that I could previously last only 10 minutes against.

4. Pocket Pussies will Make you Better at Sex

Not only will you last longer (see #3) but you will learn to be a better lover. With a Fleshlight mount, your pocket pussy can simulate any type of sex position. You could go through the entire Kama Sutra with a Fleshlight. No need for a woman at all! Who would be better at sex, somebody who doesn’t have a Destroya Fleshlight or somebody who does have a Destroya Fleshlight? I would say that in most cases, the person with the Destroya Fleshlight is a better lover.

5. Pocket Pussies Cure Depression

Are you having an unsuccessful mating season? Are you depressed because you can not find a girl to suck your dick? Worry no more because when you have a Fleshlight, you have unlimited blowjobs. Unlimited blowjobs are proven to cure depression. Just about nothing can bring you down when you know that you have a pocket pussy at home willing to act out your deepest sexual fantasies.

6. Fleshlites Last for Years

When properly cared for, any Fleshlite will last for many years. This is much better than the homemade pocket pussies that are only 1 time use before they dissolve or break. Fleshlites are durable and you can be assured that as long as you take care of it, it is guaranteed to bring you free, unlimited orgasms for years to come. I have never had a Fleshlight break or become unusable. As long as you take good care of your pocket pussy, they will last a ridiculously long time.

7. A Pocket Pussy is the best toy you’ve ever had

Remember when you were a kid, you would want hotwheels or pokemon cards or something? Could hotwheels or pokemon cards ever get you off? The answer is a resounding no. A pocket pussy is the best toy you’ve ever had because you can actually fuck it. If my parents had gotten me a pocket pussy instead of Lego’s when I was a kid, I would probably have spent much less time getting in trouble with my friends and more time having orgies with Riley Reid and Lisa Ann behind closed doors.

8. Sex Available in Flashlight Form

A Fleshlight is a true achievement of human engineering, a revolution in its own right for male masturbation everywhere. The world will never be the same since the Fleshlite was invented. Remember when the computer was invented, that is nothing compared to the raw ingenuity of the Fleshlite. However, I am still wondering why the pocket pussy took so long for a quality company like Interactive Life Forms (Fleshlight) to perfect. Sure, if you go back a few thousand years, I’m sure you could find primitive Fleshlights, but were they high quality and publicly available? Most likely they were not and were only used by the masturbatory elite.

9. You can use a Fleshlight Quickshot anywhere

Fleshlight Quickshot is a small portable Fleshlight that is extremely portable, making it possible to masturbate almost anywhere. Even if you aren’t in exhibitionism like my ex girlfriend, you have to admit that being able to masturbate while driving a car on the highway is pretty cool. Ever wanted to join the mile high club but didn’t feel like getting straight up arrested in international waters? Well now membership to this exclusive club is all yours when you get a pocket pussy. However, be sure that you can finish quietly in under 5 minutes to avoid suspicion that you are a terrorist trying to detonate his shoes or something. That would be extremely awkward when the airplane staff confront the locked bathroom door after your 10 minute Quickshot session only to find a dude desperately using his Fleshlight.

10. Pocket Pussies are cheaper than Dates

$80 for unlimited sex versus $80 per sex, the numbers don’t lie. In the course of this article, we have gone over many times how pocket pussies are simply more effective than dating women and we won’t repeat ourselves on that topic here.


Is the Destroya Fleshlight Really Better than Actual Sex?

In the main article on this page, we argued that the Destroya Fleshlite was indeed, better than actual sex. Yes, the Destroya Fleshlight is better than sex if used properly. If you just use the Destroya Fleshlight in the bathroom at your school, the experience probably isn’t better than actual sex. However, if you get the Fleshlight mount, Fleshlight lube and maybe a Fleshlight pack (having multiple Fleshlights allows you to simulate orgies), and then hole up in a secure location for 3 hours, you will be very happy by the end of those 3 hours.

You can’t just do that with a girl. Girl’s want to go out and eat dinner and shit. As a guy, all you want to do is fuck. You wouldn’t keep the girl around in most cases unless you wanted to fuck her. Fleshlights take the boring shit out of having a relationship because all you do with your Fleshlight is fuck it. You don’t have to take your Fleshlight out to a 3 hour, $150 date to be able to fuck it.

Is it Normal to own a Pocket Pussy?

Yes, it is completely normal to own a pocket pussy, no one should feel ashamed for owning a pocket pussy. There are many valid reasons besides just wanting to get off more to own a pocket pussy. Depending on what country you live in, you could not like the women. I have heard that many people across the world do not like American women because they are too masculine.

If you lived in the USA or Canada and thought the women were too masculine, then it is perfectly valid to own a pocket pussy. Besides this, just wanting to get off more is healthy and a very good reason to own a pocket pussy. You are likely well aware of the depression that follows a unsuccessful mating season. Fleshlights are very good for breakups because you go from having sex almost everyday to nothing at all. Your pocket pussy (paired with a Fleshlight mount) could satisfy the gaps your ex left.

Is Fleshlight Addiction Real?

Yes, you can get addicted to your Fleshlight and it is wonderful. You will be the happiest motherfucker alive when you are getting off 3 times a day whenever (and wherever?) you want. The Fleshlight is the best male masturbatory device in the history of sex, there is a real possibility that you may engage in a full time relationship with your Fleshlight. For me, I like to change what Fleshlights I use week by week. That way, my pocket pussies never gets old, and my addiction to Fleshlights burns on. If you were going to get on an airplane but your bag was overweight and you had to throw something out, you would throw out your computer before you threw out the Destroya Fleshlight.

What do I do if Somebody Finds my Fleshlight?

When I had my Fleshlight in high school, my mom once found my pocket pussy. I just laughed it off and told her I didn’t care. You shouldn’t feel worried about having a pocket pussy because pocket pussies are awesome and you should feel bad for everyone who doesn’t have a pocket pussy. Yes, Fleshlights are shaped like a Flashlight to disguise the fact that you have a pocket pussy. However, there is no reason to feel ashamed of having a pocket pussy. Personally, I have a lack of shame when it comes to my pocket pussy, maybe to a fault too. I openly brag to my friends about my pocket pussy collection and gain great pleasure from watching their faces shrivel up (like a grape left out in the sun) in disgust and horror. I know that underneath their surface reactions, they are really super jealous that I don’t need to deal with women anymore because I have a pocket pussy.

Are Fleshlight Mounts Necessary?

Fleshlite mounts are guaranteed to increase your pocket pussy experience and get you off as effectively as possible. However, it is not entirely true that you need a Fleshlight mount to enjoy your pocket pussy. You could just use the Fleshlight like you would your hand, but that’s boring. Fleshlight mounts are built for Fleshlights by Fleshlight, but if you really can’t afford one, there are free alternatives. One alternative to a Fleshlight mount is simply sticking your Fleshlight between your bed mattresses. Another is getting a second job so you can afford a real Fleshlight mount and not have a disgusting mattress. If you are going to actually invest in simulating sex, which is what Fleshlights are made for, then you get a mount because not using one would be ridiculous. Not using a mount is the lazy way to jack off and 100% non-realistic. Do you fuck your tight girlfriend just lazily sitting in a chair? Or, do you snatch her by her sandy tits (at the beach) and give her a real fucking workout? Fleshlight mounts will make you last longer in bed with your women. They are more realistic to the sweltering workout of furious anal revenge.

Are Aliens Hot?

Aliens are incredibly hot. Fleshlight knows this is a fact, and they have created the Alien Fleshlite. Some people may think it’s strange that some people think aliens are hot. I am here to defend everyone who thinks that aliens are hot. A sexy alien is the dream woman. She’s foreign, doesn’t talk much (aliens don’t talk in human languages), and above all is, exotic. If you like exotic pussy, check out the primal Fleshlite review. We discuss just how exotic Suzie’s little pussy really is.

The fact is that aliens are some of the hottest creatures around. Have you ever seen the movie: District 9? There’s plenty of alien fucking in that movie. You can find montages all over the internet from that one movie alone, a true masterpiece in alien pornography. Sex with an alien would be crazy, there could be tentacles, which quite honestly changes the game. The alien whore from the avatar movie is ultra-sexy, I wouldn’t even care about her freaky tail. There was reportedly supposed to be a sex scene in the avatar movie but was taken out. A huge disappointment and for that reason, I absolutely hated the movie. It was terrible without an hardcore and alien pound alien fuck sequence where, at some point, the alien whore has the dude lick her huge blue tits. Why wouldn’t you fuck an alien? If aliens came to earth and you passed up the opportunity to mate with a hot female-type one, shame on you!

Are Fleshlights Safe?

Another question that we get asked a lot is if Fleshlights are safe or not. We can assure you 100% that Fleshlights are indeed safe. I have used Fleshlights for more years that I haven’t used Fleshlights. They are the best pocket pussy available on the market because they are safe. If you masturbate 3 times a day for many days at a time, your dick will eventually get blisters. And that, is not safe. With a pocket pussy, you can use your male masturbator 30 times a day without even worrying about hurting yourself or getting a nasty blister that will cause your girlfriend to break up with you. Ordering a cheap pocket pussy from China definitely does has the potential to hurt your dick so that’s why you need to only use Fleshlights. Not only are Fleshlights the safest pocket pussy, they are also the best pocket pussy.

Women aren’t Safe

You know what isn’t safe? Women are not safe. When you date and have casual sex with a women, she can, at any point and for any reason call a false rape allegation against you. This happens all the time, you can read about it many times over on google. You break up with a woman and next thing you know the police are at your door interrogating you to death about where you were on this and that night. This is a problem especially prevalent in the United States where it is widely known that the courts are strongly sexist against men in these cases. One false rape allegation, even if defeated in court can get you fired from your job and ruin your career. Pocket pussies are your only risk free alternative to an ex-girlfriend’s imagination.

How Many Fleshlights Should I Buy?

When do you have enough Fleshlights in your closet? I am working very hard to collect every Fleshlight. Most of my money generated from this site goes towards my expanding Fleshlite collection. I currently own 50 different Fleshlight products and am looking to get every single Fleshlight product. If you aren’t as crazy about Fleshlights as me, then I highly recommend that you pick up at least a duo of Fleshlights when you make your purchase on Fleshlight.com. It is very important to get two Fleshlights when you order because if you don’t like one Fleshlight, you can always try the other one. And there is a seriously low chance that you will dislike both Fleshlites. Also, Fleshlight has long standing deals on buy two get one free for certain Fleshlight combo packages.

Have an Orgy with your Pocket Pussies

I have never received a Fleshlight that I bought that had any sort of problem with it. The short answer to the question “How Many Fleshlights Should I Buy?” is buy as many as you can afford. If you want ten Fleshlights, and you can afford it, buy ten Fleshlights. I have personally bought ten Fleshlights at a time during the 2015 holiday Fleshlight sale. When they arrived it was like an orgy in a box. The box was massive too, weighed about 20 to 30 pounds. After receiving the ten Fleshlights, I did not leave my house for the next 235 hours, I was busy having a super orgy with my Fleshlights.

Do I Need the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer?

Often we get emails about the Fleshlight sleeve warmer and whether or not it is a necessary addition to your Fleshlite. The answer is that the sleeve warmer is absolutely essential for proper Fleshlite use. If you were to have sex with a cold Fleshlight, that would be like having sex with a dead body, and that is very nasty. Have some decency and get a sleeve warmer before someone reports you for fucking your cold Fleshlight. Unless you have the zombie Fleshlite, you need to heat your sleeve up prior to use. Yes, Fleshlight actually has a zombie Fleshlite and it is simply amazing. You can fuck your zombie Fleshlight cold if you like because I suppose that is more realistic. Pocket Pussy World does does not endorse zombie fucking because those things are filthy. When do zombies ever take baths or showers?

Who is really the best Fleshlight girl?

I believe that Dillion Harper is the best Fleshlight girl. Her Crush Fleshlight receives a 10/10 rating from us but is still not better than Destroya. Dillion Harper isn’t the best because of her pocket pussy. She is great because she is a tiny little whore who is fit to fuck in a knots from your boy scout’s handbook. If you are reading this before the next Fleshlight girl is released, which will likely be in December, a week before Christmas, then look at the top of the page right now and admire Dillion Harper’s amazing ass. That picture is almost as good as the Anikka Albrite one and I will probably leave it up for a while on the front page of Pocket Pussy World just below the fold.

Pocket Pussy World November Giveaway Winners

In November, we held a giveaway for a free Fleshlight to one of our lucky fans on the email list. Currently (December 6, 2016), the old email signup was slowing down the site too much but may soon make a comeback in a different form. For now, you can be added to the email list by visiting our contact page and emailing us at the main webmaster address. Here is the winner from our November 2016 Fleshlight giveaway… Congratulations Ken from South Dakota, USA. Ken choose to receive the signature Destroya pocket pussy which is our highest rated Fleshlight. For our December Fleshlight giveaway, we will choose 2 lucky winners and they will receive $100 worth of Fleshlight goodies. Right now the email list is small compared the amount of daily visitors Pocket Pussy World gets. We have only 130 contestants on the email list, and only 20-30% will respond to and get involved in the giveaway which gives you about a one in twenty chance of winning. So join the email list now by emailing the main webmaster address in our contact page, because in January our email list will be much larger and it will not be so easy to win anymore when there are 500-1,000 people on our list.

Do Fleshlights Cure the Death Grip?

Yes, Fleshlights cure the so called “death grip” by not harshly constricting your penis. All Fleshlight products are safe to use with cocks of all shapes and sizes in reducing the symptoms of the dreaded “death grip.” Actually Fleshlight is the #1 recommended solution to this common problem and the good news is that with Fleshlight, you can get your dick normally functioning again in 1-2 weeks.

Cheap Fleshlights

While you should never, under any circumstances buy cheap Fleshlights not made by Interactive Life Forms. It is understandable if you don’t have the $80 for a Crush or Euphoria Fleshlight laying around. Fleshlight was founded a long time ago by Steve Shubin and Fleshlight still sells their very first creations on their website under the name of Fleshlight Originals. This include the now famous Pink Lady Fleshlight, one of the first ever created by Steve Shubin. The Pink Lady Fleshlight is a very boring, featureless pocket pussy that was just a proof of concept that Steve Shubin could scale his business into the pocket pussy empire it is today. There are other Fleshlight originals such as the wonder wave which are actually really good. So good, that parts from this old Fleshlight were included in Dillion Harper’s Crush Fleshlight. The best part about these old Fleshlights is that they are sold at a significantly lower price year round and Fleshlight gives even better bundle deals where you can get 4 for the price of 2 Fleshlight girls pocket pussies. The Fleshlight Girls line of pocket pussy is sold at a higher price because each Fleshlight girl earns a little from each sale. With the originals, you are not paying a tax for the big name brand Fleshlights and can get them at a very reasonable price if you are on a budget.

Why are Fleshlights the Number One Selling Pocket Pussy?

Fleshlights use a special texture called Super Skin that mimics the real feeling of human skin. Nobody wants to fuck a rubbery hole, so Steve Shubin invented and patented this special texture to make his Fleshlights feel 10x greater than all other pocket pussies. Fleshlight has the rights and apparently has sued many imitators that have infringed on Fleshlight’s patented Super Skin technology. The reason why other pocket pussy companies have trouble competing with Fleshlight is because they don’t have access to this awesome Super Skin technology.

Why Steve Shubin is the Real MVP

Steve Shubin’s genius invention of the Fleshlight pocket pussy will go down in history as one of the greatest achievements of mankind. Women are great, but if you’re a man on the go, or in Steve Shubin’s case, have a very pregnant wife. Steve Shubin is such a boss that instead of cheating on his wife or demanding sex, he simply solved man’s eternal quest for unlimited pussy and becoming the greatest warrior for the mile high club. The Fleshlight Quickshot stands out as an incredible achievement. Many of Fleshlight’s legitimate rivals have created small pocket pussies, but they were all missing Fleshlight’s Super Skin technology. The Fleshlight Quickshot was released earlier this year and has been hailed worldwide as a breakthrough in pocket pussy technology. Despite a normal Fleshlight’s stealth flashlight appearance and due to Fleshlight’s popularity, most people can easily recognize a Fleshlight from a distance, even women. The Fleshlight Quickshot is invisible to everyone who would recognize a normal Fleshlight. You can even walk around in an airport with a Fleshlight Quickshot in hand pretending that it’s a coffee cup and no one will notice. The Fleshlight Quickshot is one of the greatest achievements of Steve Shubin since the creation of the Destroya Fleshlight.

Will Cheap Chinese Pocket Pussies Hurt your Dick?

Yes, cheap Chinese pocket pussies will cause bodily hard to your penis nine out of ten times. There are good reasons besides quality to go with Fleshlight rather than some poorly made Chinese pussy. Most pussies bought from trusted sources are built only with profit maximization in mind and pay no attention to quality as long as they keep getting traffic to their listings. These shady underground pocket pussy companies are not allowed to use Fleshlight Super Skin material and therefore use rubbery plastic mesh for their products. You need at least five times more lube and courage to engage in intercourse with one of these monstrosities. For research, we have tested some of these alternate Fleshlights and found one that even have a plastic barb sticking into the canal! That one was just $40 but extremely dangerous and nobody knows how many men had to have their dick eventually amputated because of this product.

What are the Laws on Pocket Pussies?

We sometimes get questions from men who ask us if it is legal to marry their Fleshlight because they love it so much. While transgender rights has to pass before men can start marrying their dog, and only then in the scramble, would it potentially be possible to get Fleshlights passed as well. All jokes aside, there are currently no laws restricting pocket pussies but many online websites will try to stop you from buying if you are under 18. If you live in a poor part of Kentucky and don’t have access to internet, many brick and mortar adult sex stores don’t like selling to people under 18. There is nothing to be worried about if you do own Fleshlights and are under 18, you don’t need to be worried about how many years you will be sentenced to if caught with a certain amount of Fleshlights. If you are under 18 and live with your parents, you will probably have your Fleshlights destroyed under parental law. It is imperative to find high quality hiding places for your Fleshlights. On the other hand, it is no too bad losing a Fleshlight as you get to choose a new one.

Upcoming Fleshlight Reviews

Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight

The classic Fleshlights are some of the first ever released by Steve Shubin. They are on sale 24/7 year round because Fleshlight has to pay the Fleshlight Girls a commission. Just because they are cheaper, does not mean that they are any less inferior to a Fleshlight like Crush or Utopia that comes out in 2016. These originals built the brand of Fleshlight into the pocket pussy cash cow for Steve Shubin and his pregnant wife many years ago. The classic Pink Lady Fleshlight is considered by most pocket pussy experts to be the first successful refined pocket pussy produced by Steve Shubin. The Pink Lady Fleshlight has no features in her canal. She is wide and loose, like a girl from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Super Ribbed Fleshlight

The Super Ribbed Fleshlight has super ribs throughout the entire length of the canal. It is true that this Fleshlight could not have been given a more appropriate name. The ribs in this Fleshlight feel amazing and are essentially 9 inches of relentless male sex pleasure. They simulate anal sex very well and you are recommended to use a lot of lube.

Speed Bump Fleshlight

The Speed Bump Fleshlight is like driving your Toyota Highlander down a BLM road in a very remote Utah desert, and hitting a massive series of bumps going 70 miles per hour. This Fleshlight will throw you in for a very bumpy ride. You better buckle up, strap down, and prepare the oxygen tank because the Speed Bump Fleshlight will check your speed. With this Fleshlight, you are forced to slow down and you are overtaken with pleasure from the army of sensational bumps. The Speed Bump Fleshlight contains the largest forest of bumps ever seen in a Fleshlight. Having large forests of bumps is a popular design seen in many good Fleshlights such as the recently released Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight.

Vortex Fleshlight

In many Fleshlight reviews on Pocket Pussy World, we refer to some Fleshlights being similar to a sexy tornado. No Fleshlight could really be more like a sexy tornado than the Vortex Fleshlight. The Vortex Fleshlight sweeps your dick round and round for 9 inches through its swirling canal that will leave you in a daze of pleasure. When Fleshlight puts the curving canal effect into their Fleshlights, we always give them a significant improvement on their score. This is because the Fleshlights with a curving canal are always more fun to fuck. For this reason alone, we highly recommend that you try the Vortex Fleshlight.

Wonder Wave Fleshlight

The Wonder Wave Fleshlight was one of the early best sellers with Fleshlight. The Wonder Wave Fleshlight is one of the best known Fleshlights because of its accuracy in recreating anal or throat sex. This is a big favorite among both straight and gay men for this feature. Fleshjack is the official site that you should be looking at if you are of the latter. The Wonder Wave Fleshlight is a winner and should be in every reasonable Fleshlight collection. It is a perfect beginner’s Fleshlight, just like the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight. It is said to be one of Steve Shubin’s personal favorite Fleshlights and we personally hold it in the highest regard here at Pocket Pussy World. The Wonder Wave Fleshlight is a monumental pocket pussy that competes with only the best Fleshlights, such as Destroya.

Super Tight Fleshlight

The Super Tight Fleshlight is for those of us that love teen sex. There is nothing better than seeing a tight polish college girl get screwed on her knees for the camera. The Super Tight Fleshlight also caters to those lovers of sex with very fit women. Everyone knows yoga goddesses like Mia Malkova and Riley Reid have extremely tight pussies. This pocket pussy like the Pink Lady Classic Fleshlight is featureless but do not be discouraged by this fact. The Super Tight Fleshlight lives up to its name and will make you cum every single time you use without fail. You know a Fleshlight is good if it works every time and we have never heard of the Super Tight Fleshlight failing to get someone off. It is one of the most highly rated Fleshlights on multiple adult online shops and is trusted to many Fleshlight fans to get the job done every time.

Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight

The Stamina Training Unit is the ideal Fleshlight for those that are banging many girls and want to become a sex god. If you are in the porn industry, you may want to get a Fleshlight STU because it will make you last hours in bed. If you practice correctly with your Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, you will eventually be able to last upwards of 6 hours in bed just like my buddy Josh from Vermont does with girls off Tinder. If you train with the Fleshlight STU enough, you will have a significantly increased aurora when talking to women because you know that you can fuck them until the sun comes up. When a girl looks you in the eye knowing that you can fuck them for 6 hours, the conversation and whole interaction becomes much easier. This is how men take The Red Pill and start dating upwards of 4 women at a time. It helps to have the confidence to last in bed, even for 1 hour is a good accomplishment for most men. However long you wish to last in bed with beautiful women is up to you, but the bottom line is that the Fleshlight STU can help you get five times faster.

How can I get a Custom Fleshlight?

Fleshlight offers a “build your own Fleshlight” section on their website under the main tab. You can customize almost everything about your Fleshlight to your own personal tastes. You can choose between a black, silver and blue case which is awesome because having multiple Fleshlights of the same color case can be aggravating telling them apart. Next, you have the option to choose from all of Fleshlight’s pussy orifices besides the Fleshlight Freaks collection. The orifices are regular vagina (lady), butt, mouth, and cheeks. While the cheeks orifice really does look like a little lady gnome’s ass, the option to choose your own orifice is great for those anal lovers. If you like blowjobs more than anything else then you can match any Fleshlight sleeve with the mouth orifice. Of course, you now have the option to edit the most important part of every Fleshlight, the sleeve. Your options here are limited to the originals plus some of Fleshlight’s bestselling pocket pussies such as Destroya, Heavenly, Barracuda and others. Finally, you can add accessories to your package such as the Fleshlight Launchpad, Phonestrap, Shower Mount, and Sleeve Warmer. Fleshlight sells dozens of diverse and unique pre-built Fleshlight models but if you are such a horny son of a bitch that none satisfy you, then look into building your own.

Do Fleshlights Help with Porn Induced ED?

Porn induced erectile dysfunction is an affliction common among men who masturbate more than once a day. If you are not familiar with PIED, it is basically when you suffer from erectile dysfunction because of constant overstimulation of your penis watching porn. Every man loves porn, it is an opportunity to freely view big floppy tits and often more accessible stimulation than dating bitchy feminist women. Obviously here at Pocket Pussy World, we think that porn is okay for you but it is also true that some men become addicted and end up suffering from erectile dysfunction because of porn. The reason why porn is so addicting if you don’t have a woman in your life is because you have no other means of jacking off besides your imagination. Some men try to combat this factor by only using porn for part of their session but this is still not defeating the problem. The Fleshlight can cure porn induced erectile dysfunction by allowing you to masturbate without the visual aid of porn videos or pictures. Because the Fleshlight is great at producing an incredible sexual experience all on its own, you no longer need porn to get off. Of course at first you will have a harder time blowing loads without some tight Asian whore bouncing up and down on a cock in front of your face, but if you suffer from PIED then Fleshlight can help you. If you doubt the Fleshlight’s ability to get you off without porn, then you should seriously consider getting a mount. Fleshlight sells a wide variety of pocket pussy mounts, from shower mounts to ottoman type setups. The pocket pussy mounts sold by Fleshlight have the full endorsement of Pocket Pussy World because they genuinely increase the sexual experience one hundred fold. If you have ever failed to get it up for a girl you brought home because of PIED, consider using a Fleshlight mount because not only will it cure your PIED, but will also make you a sex god. Another reason why men sometimes have trouble in bed is because they are nervous. With a good pocket pussy like the stamina training unit plus a mount, you will be able to get unlimited practice hours in and therefore you will have a higher level of sexual self-confidence.

Have a Girl use a Fleshlight on you

Fleshlights are the best pocket pussy but what makes them even better is getting your girlfriend or wife to use it on you. You might be thinking why use a Fleshlight when you have a woman right there willing to perform sexual favors for you. The fact of the matter is that a woman using a pocket pussy on you is one of the most gratifying sexual experiences of all time. She feels like she has to compete with a fake pussy, making her work even harder to get you off with hers. Of course you should alternate fucking both to make her feel better about herself but you will definitely see a change in her mood when you demand the Fleshlight. Women are very competitive creatures, and most girlfriends and wives will tear apart other girls competing for your attention. The best thing you can do to make her feel maximum jealousy is to make her use your Fleshlight on you because she will eventually get very flustered at the fact that Steve Shubin’s creation can match her magic. There are thousands of videos online of men getting Fleshlights done to them by hot women, and it can actually be a sort of kinky sex for some. If your girlfriend or wife is lazy or tired after work, it’s not much to ask for a hand job. The only problem with a hand job is that they generally suck, unless you have a very hot girl. The best way to make hand jobs suck less (more) is her using a pocket pussy instead of her hand.

Fleshlight Return Policy

With so many different pocket pussy textures to choose from, you may be worried that you won’t like the one you pick. This is a common fear among many first time Fleshlight users. The simple solution to this problem is to simply get a Fleshlight combo pack which includes multiple pocket pussies for a discounted priced compared to buying them individually. Most of my friends who I’ve personally referred Fleshlight to ended up buying more after their initial purchase, so this route may be the best for most men. However, if you are on a budget and end up getting just a single pocket pussy from Fleshlight, there is a chance that you may feel anxiety about the one you choose being best for you. Therefore you may be wondering what is the actual return policy for Fleshlights? If you leave the product unopened and unused, Fleshlight can allow a return and refund. But if you use the Fleshlight, then it becomes nonrefundable because how is Interactive Life Forms going to sell a used pocket pussy? If you make the purchase on Amazon (not recommended because Amazon doesn’t always carry current deals) then you may be able to squeeze past Fleshlight’s normal return policy by taking advantage of Amazon features like the A to Z claim system. However, buying Fleshlights from Amazon is doubly not recommended because unless you buy from the official Fleshlight seller, you don’t know what you’re getting. Fleshlight has really good support for its customers and if you contact them over a defective sleeve or other problem, they will be quick to assist you and send replacements if necessary.

What is the Worst Fleshlight?

On Pocket Pussy World, we often praise the best Fleshlights and hold them high in the air as a champion of 2017 pocket pussy technology. However, there are a few Fleshlights that are too weird to handle or just not worth the money. Technically, the worst Fleshlights are the homemade pocket pussies that cheap men come up with on a budget. Some of the special creations are downright dangerous and foolish. All official pocket pussies released by Fleshlight are effective at getting you off, with or without porn as an aid. This alone should disqualify the question “What is the worst Fleshlight?” but if we have to pick a loser, then it wouldn’t be hard. The Pink Lady Fleshlight is the first Fleshlight ever created by Steve Shubin as a proof of concept, but unlike some pocket pussy greats like MVP or Goddess, it simply has no features. This would make the Pink Lady Fleshlight technically the worst but this judgement is not fair at all because it was the first Fleshlight. The Vortex Fleshlight is the runner up and technical loser of the Fleshlight line. There is nothing particularly bad about this pocket pussy, it is just that the features are not impressive and generally underwhelming. When Fleshlight first released their classic sleeves, the Vortex was probably considered revolutionary, but in 2017 the Vortex Fleshlight pales in comparison with most modern pocket pussies.

Fleshlight Vibro Review

The Fleshlight Vibro is a specialized Fleshlight sleeve that is unique because of the little vibrators that you can stick inside the sleeve. If you are apprehensive about getting a Fleshlight because they don’t seem realistic then look into the Vibro sleeves to give your sessions an extra jolt. Besides the fact that you wouldn’t fuck a real vibrating pussy except in a moving vehicle, the Fleshlight Vibro adds another level of intensity to your average Fleshlight sleeve. The Vibro sleeves come in both pussy and butt orifices and the insides are very similar to the popular stamina training unit. You can say that in this regard the Fleshlight Vibro is like an updated STU which is true because the vibrations do make it difficult to last longer in action. The actual vibration is done by “bullets” that are inserted into the sleeve near the orifice and require batteries. The Fleshlight Vibro setup is not that much more expensive than a regular Fleshlight and the bullets cost under $10 for a replacement pack.

Fleshlight Dorcel Girls Review

The Fleshlight Dorcel girls lineup of pocket pussies offer four unique orifices paired with one unique texture. If you didn’t know, Marc Dorcel is a French Producer of adult movies and has won numerous awards for his erotic cinemas. He is also a member of the AVN hall of fame and apparently has many sexy mistresses to loan to Fleshlight for their Dorcel girls lineup. Currently the girls include Valentina Nappi, Lola Reve, Anna Polina, and Claire Castel. Each one of their respective Fleshlights come with a custom pussy orifice modeled based on the pornstar’s actual pussy. It should also be noted that the Anna Polina pussy orifice is exceptionally tight. The texture inside each Fleshlight is the same and is one of the craziest textures available from Fleshlight. The canal is repetitive but becomes progressively tighter the deeper you go. Marked dominantly by the conglomeration of three features, large bumps, diagonal cross ribs and wide gaps in a pattern that is as confusing as it is sensual. Each canal begins with a tight gap and then immediately throws you into a maze of large bumps and diagonal cross ribs. You must surface a wide gap to get to the next section, a section of just large bumps. This pattern continues until the end of the Fleshlight canal becoming tighter and tighter along the way. The many wide gaps create an intense suction effect that will grip your dick with the force of a high powered vacuum.

Fleshlight Ice Review

The Fleshlight Ice is unique because it is the only transparent full sized pocket pussy currently available. If you usually have a hard time mentally distinguishing the different features inside a Fleshlight canal, you won’t with Fleshlight Ice because you can see everything. The Ice Fleshlight is totally transparent, including the case, which means that you can focus on each feature inside the canal without having to guess where you are. Also if you are using Fleshlight for couple’s play, the Fleshlight Ice allows your partner to watch the action in stunning detail. The Fleshlight Ice canal is simple yet very effective at getting you off. It starts with a section of bumps and cross ribs that alternately widens and tightens in turn. Then you must force your way through a circular chamber full of large bumps before reaching a very tight gap. This gap is as tight as any that Fleshlight puts into their products and can be relied on to forcibly squeeze the cum from you every time. Then as the canal tightens, you are bombarded by sensational cross ribs until the end. The Fleshlight Ice comes in every orifice besides cheeks, from lady to butt and pure. The Fleshlight Ice is not compatible with the Fleshlight shower mount which is somewhat disappointing as this is the perfect shower toy. When using the Fleshlight Ice, you can see the lube shoot through the canal with every thrust adding an extra visual component to your session.

Become a Shower Sex God with the Shower Mount

The Fleshlight shower mount is one of the most popular pocket pussy mounts available but unfortunately, it is overlooked by many as an unnecessary accessory. The Fleshlight shower mount is anything but just another upgrade, it is life changing. The shower mount offers a hands free way to pound your pocket pussy every time you take a shower, making each shower instantly one hundred times better. Most of us take showers in the morning or generally just to relax. The morning is the best time to fuck your pocket pussy because you are naturally hard and relaxed after sleep. Imagine starting every day with a good shower fuck that your girlfriend or wife is too lazy for, the effects on your mind will be amazing. For others, a shower is just a shower, but with the Fleshlight shower mount it becomes a watery world of pleasure. Also, shower sex with a real girl isn’t really that easy or fun unless you have a no slip mat or lots of experience. Now you can take your relationship with your girlfriend or wife to the next level by becoming a shower sex god. The Fleshlight shower mount is the Stamina Training Unit of shower sex but beware of your increased water bill from showering all the time.

Fleshlite Renewing Powder Guide

If you own a Fleshlight, then you probably know how easy they are to clean. Aside from having to set the pocket pussy and case out to dry where anyone can see it, the Fleshlight cleans easily under running water. However, if you are a long term user of your pocket pussy then you are likely already aware of the natural wear and tear that comes with many intense sessions. For the sake of saving your Fleshlight from destruction, you can find a product called the Fleshlight renewing powder. This renewing powder is a specialized for Fleshlight sleeves based on their materials and will quickly make your pocket pussy feeling amazing again. We aren’t sure exactly why the renewing powder works so well at making old pocket pussies feel brand new again but it does. The next question you might be asking yourself is how often you have to use the powder for adequate effect. The answer depends on how heavily you use your Fleshlight and how much lube you use too. The more lube used, the less damage done to your pocket pussy and of course there will be more damage if you are a daily user compared to a bi weekly user. At Pocket Pussy World, we officially suggest that you use the renewing powder at least once every month. Fleshlight claims that you should use the powder after every use in one of their instructional videos but this really isn’t necessary. The renewing powder will make your pocket pussy a squeaky clean and awesome feeling pocket pussy just like when you first got it.

Best Fleshlight Sales

When is the best time of year to buy a Fleshlight? Fleshlight has sales of up to 30% on their products many times per year. The sales in November and December are always just about about the maximum free stuff Fleshlight can give away before they don’t make a profit. They are generous with their sales and if you missed the holiday shopping season, they you can look forward to the Valentines day sales which can last two weeks. Obviously Fleshlight is at the center of Valentines day shopping for couples and temporarily lonely men. The pocket pussy makes a very nice Valentines day gift as you can have the girl use it on you to get you off. It is always a treat when a girl can subsequently get you to cum by sucking, fucking and using a pocket pussy like the Fleshlight Quickshot. For all major holidays including Halloween, Fleshlight often releases new pocket pussies and offers massive deals. During Halloween 2016, Fleshlight released an astonishing four new products and then sold them as combo packs for good prices. They released an update to the Fleshlight Freaks line of products which already included many famous pocket pussies such as the reaper, predator, and zombie mouth. The zombie mouth pocket pussy is their response to the popular customer demand for a realistic zombie blowjob and based off the Walking Dead TV show. Fleshlights offers many more sales throughout the year besides the ones already mentioned. The best way to stay on top of them is to subscribe to their email list and you will regularly be sent special deals.

Is there a Fleshlight Warranty?

Unfortunately Fleshlight does not sell their products with any extended warranty besides a 30 day refund or exchange guarantee for any defective or unused pocket pussy. Beyond 30 days you can expect no sympathy if you pound your Fleshlight so hard it shatters. But a question we get asked often is if your pocket pussy will break if you are too rough with it? The answer is no, it is very hard to break a pocket pussy made by Fleshlight. The plastic casing that holds the pocket pussy in place is well above toy grade plastic and feels like the type of plastic that would be found in sporting equipment. Fleshlight has their pocket pussies built to be fucked competitively. The plastic casing is substantial, solid and heavy, not light, fragile and ready to snap. There are two parts to the plastic casing, the end cap and front cap. The front cap covers the mouth of the pocket pussy and the end cap covers the back. Both are made from the same type of plastic as the larger plastic casing and screw off. Even though these pieces are small, they are sturdy and resistant to breaking if dropped.

Fleshlube Water Review

The best lubricant that you can get for your pocket pussy is Fleshlube because it is also made by Fleshlight. Interactive Life Forms, the company that owns Fleshlight, knows exactly what materials go into their product and have hired scientists to determine the best quality of lubricant to go with Fleshlight’s patented pocket pussy texture. Enjoy Fleshlight’s premium water based lube that provides silky smooth feel of your pocket pussy texture. Fleshlube comes in two sizes, 4oz and 8oz plastic bottles and is easy to keep clean, dermatological formula, gentle for sensitive texture, hypoallergenic, no paraben and made in the states. I can honestly say from experience that the Fleshlube water is one of the most basic lubes that you can get from Fleshlight with your order. There are more advanced lubricants that we will get into later like fire and ice Fleshlubes. For the Fleshlube Water, we rate it a 10/10 lubricant for pocket pussy and will do better with your pocket pussy that mostly any other lubricant available. The important thing to know before you buy any pocket pussy lube from anyone is if it is water based lube or not. This is very important because water based lube is the only type of lube that the pocket pussy can handle. Anything else will break down your Fleshlight sleeve. That’s why the Fleshlube Water is great as a lube guarenteed and tested to work well with your pocket pussy where with other pocket pussy lubes you take chances.

Fleshlube Fire Review

The Fleshlube Fire pocket pussy lube made by Fleshlight is the best lubricant you can buy. The thing that makes the Fleshlube Fire the best is that it warms on contact. If you can’t afford a pocket pussy sleeve warmer or simply don’t care to run hot water through your pocket pussy then get the Fleshlube Fire. The Fleshlube Fire is essentially Fleshlube Water plus another ingrediant which causes the warming up effect. We can not say enough about how good the Fleshlube Fire is in combination with a pocket pussy shower mount and sleeve warmer. Some may say this gets the pocket pussy too hot but actually it maintains a good realistic temperature similar to some steaming pussy straight out of a hot shower.

Fleshlube Ice Review

If our review of Fleshlube Fire made you feel overheated then you may want to consider Fleshlube Ice. Fleshlube Ice is Fleshlube Water with the opposite effects of Fire. All 3 kinds of pocket pussy lubes have the same basic Fleshlube Water with or without an extra ingrediant. With Fleshlube Ice, the lubricant cools on contact making those steamy hot shower sessions about twenty degrees cooler. Fleshlube Ice works as a coolant so you don’t have to worry about things getting too hot. All Fleshlubes no matter what style will be better than any not made by Fleshlight. The real best Fleshlube decision you can make is to get all of the Fleshlubes in a combo pack. That way you can go through each one by one with your pocket pussy to decide which you prefer. Some days you will feel like using Fire and burn your dick and other days you will use Ice and put yourself in a deep freeze. Then when you’ve had enough fun with cold and hot, you can just go back using Water, which is regular lube. For these reasons we recommend the Fleshlube combo pack with all 3 kinds, fire, Ice and Water.

Fleshwash Review

Fleshwash is sold by Fleshlight as part of their lineup to repair and restore old pocket pussies to brand new condition. Fleshwash is a spray bottle with a special liquid inside which if sprayed into a pocket pussy after hot water run through, it will help the material of the pocket pussy regenerate and feel like new again. Using the Fleshwash is the equivalent of going from fucking a 60 year old milf for 34 years to fucking a tight little 26 years old slut again. The results from Fleshwash are dramatic and it should ideally be used with the pocket pussy renewing powder for even greater restoration. However it should be noted that if you start to develop mold on your pocket pussy from not letting it air out enough after use, that the Fleshwash and renewing powder may not help you. It is a very important step for the longevity of the pocket pussy to air out the sleeve after running it through with hot water. Performing this step will aid in keeping the costs of buying the monthly or quarterly Fleshwash and renewing powder at a minimum.

What is Teledildonics?

Teledildonics is the science of long distance sex toys for both men and women. Fleshlight has come together with Kiiroo, a leader in the teledildonics niche and has produced some amazing teledildonics pocket pussies as well as dildos for women. The devices work by the male user fucking his Kiiroo pocket pussy and the girl at the same time having her Kiiroo dildo reacting to her boyfriend’s thrusts. This is how teledildonics would change the way that long distance relationships forever. Teledildonics would not be the same without Fleshlight stepping up and working with this company on building Onyx and Pearl. We will give short reviews of both these teledildonic sex toys because they are actually pretty good and simulate long distance sex even better when paired with virtual reality or skype. Another name for this kind of sex toy is cyberdildonics, which has its roots in haptic technology.

How Kiiroo Pocket Pussies Work

The Kiiroo pocket pussy creates forces in the form of vibrations and other movements to the user. An example of an original cyberdildonics toy like Kiiroo would be the old rumble pack from Nitendo. However, unlike the technology from the N64, the Kiiroo rumble pack has the ability to allow for interactions between male and female in real time over the internet. If your girlfriend goes to China for a month, she can still suck your dick, thats amazing! These kind of sex toys were first developed in the 1975 and the pioneers envisioned full body suits for long range sexual relations. While full body suits (covered with small buzzing nodes capable of sending and receiving inputs) are impractible but surely better, the best next thing we have is Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl paired with Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is the most advanced virtual reality headset ever to have been created and is going through monthly updates to create the best virtual realities that money can buy in 2017. Oculus Rift is not officially paired with either Fleshlight or Kiiroo but if you and your spouse can afford it, the Oculus Rift makes long distance sexual relations as realistic as possible. With the Oculus Rift you can see as well as feel your partner sucking your cock in virtual reality.

Kiiroo Onyx Review

Kiiroo Onyx is the male counterpart of the Kiiroo set. No movement is required by you as you have a partner with Kiiroo Pearl using the dildo. Every motion your long distance relationship does to the Kiiroo Pearl will cause the Kiiroo Onyx to move accordingly. There are other Teledildonics products in this tech space but what makes Kiiroo the best Teledildonics company is that they use Fleshlight patented material in Onyx. This means that you are getting nothing but the best brand material for pocket pussies in your Teledildonics set. This will allow your long distance relationship to accurately use the Pearl to stimulate your Onyx how you want to be stimulated. Kiiroo Onyx feels better than regular Fleshlights because in addition to a diverse inner canal structure, you have the added bonus of a girl using Teledildonics to have sex with you. The Kiiroo Onyx is by far top in its class for long distance sex. Kiiroo has patented technology besides Fleshlight’s material in their Teledildonics set. Kiiroo uses contracting rings controlled by using touch software to run their devices and it is more accurate than any other set on the market. Inside the Kiiroo Onyx, there are ten rings that move individually of one another to simulate the best pocket pussy experience ever. You don’t even need to move a muscle if you don’t want to, get a active partner and the Onyx pocket pussy can move as fast as the autoblow two. Sort of like a super charged pocket pussy, the Kiiroo Onyx has very strong suction but stronger than any seen in a regular pocket pussy. This means that if you happen to like a lot of suction when you have sex, then look into getting the Onyx and Pearl to spice up your love life. It always sucks to be far away from your partner for extended periods of time because of work or school so Kiiroo allows couples to be together every day, no matter how far apart. The Kiiroo Onyx is simple to use, just one button controls all your needed power and modes settings and automatic updates are applied when plugged in with USB. Kiiroo constantly updates their software and it is getting better and better each month they make the software more realistic simulating human touch in real time. For our Onyx Fleshlight review, we award this pocket pussy a score of 10/10.

Kiiroo Pearl Review

The Kiiroo Pearl is a first of its kind, remote control vibrator for use in Teledildonics. Kiiroo has innovated the technology of the Pearl to beat all competitors in creating the most accurately interactive long distance sex capable dildo of all time. The Kiiroo Pearl has already begun to revolutionize the sex toy market because when used in combination with Kiiroo Onyx, Pearl feels very realistic. Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx can satisfy long distance couples better than any current sex toy could hope to. Kiiroo Pearl feels just like a regular vibrator dildo but also has the vibrators linked through to internet to a matching Kiiroo Onyx. Each thrust her boyfriend makes in the Onyx is recorded and sent as a signal to her Pearl. The Kiiroo Pearl is banana shaped, for those dirty whores that like big cocks. If you yourself do not have a big cock, do not be worried because the Kiiroo Pearl is enormous and your girlfriend will love you even more. The Kiiroo Pearl is considered to be a technologically advanced g spot vibrator. The g spot is the spot where women love to be hit the most. Kiiroo Pearl gets the job done where it matters most and when paired with Kiiroo Onyx, leaves both of you satisfied. Kiiroo Pearl has a smooth silicone body that resistant to being broken and very strong even when dropped from a height. There is a single multi functional button that gives you control over the power of vibrations shaking the device. You can connect the Kiiroo Pearl with its blue tooth directly in Kiiroo’s secure platform. They also have a Kiiroo app. Kiiroo has a patented pleasure core where all of your actions will be synced in real time so not a moment of sex can be overcome by any distance of space.

Build your own Pocket Pussy Orgy

Under the Fleshlight main menu, you can find under Fleshlight Girls tab the build your own orgy section. On this page, you can mix and match any Fleshlight girl you want into a combo package at highly reduced prices. This is a great opportunity to always get low prices on pocket pussies even when there isn’t a deal going on. There are dozens of Fleshlight girls to choose from and if the girl has more than pocket pussy, you can them both and more for a very large discount.

Vstroker Fleshlight Adapter Review

The Vstroker is a physical adapter to your Fleshlight case. The sensor filled cylinder attaches to the back of the pocket pussy the same way the cap screws on. Vstroker comes only in black and will turn your pocket pussy into a dick sucking machine for the ages. The Vstroker is Fleshlight’s attempt to create highly interactive virtual sex available for just fifty dollars. The Vstroker works by monitoring your every stroke and transmitting that information to your computer. The data is sent through a wireless usb stick that plugs into your computer. There are Vstroker videos that you can download from Fleshlight.com and they will simulate virtual sex. The way that the Vstroker simulates sex is simple, when paired with a Vstroker video, the movement in the video will change depending on how hard you fuck your Fleshlight. If you go for slow deep thrusts, the video will show your dick moving in a slower thrusts than if you were to go very hard on the girl’s ass or throat.

Vstroker FAQ

A common question people ask about the Vstroker is what system it is compatible with. For windows users, it is no surprise that Vstroker can run on windows. For mac users, the Vstroker can also run just fine as long as you have the hardware requirements. For PC users, you need at the very least an Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD AthlonXP 1500 with 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of available space on your hard drive or portable storage device. You need Windows XP or any above system including Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10. You should also have all windows updates and drivers installed because this can turn out to be very important when you discover you have a outdated version of your video card, which prevents your videos from playing at their best performance. If you are unlucky enough to own a mac, you need Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or something comparable as well as 1 GB of RAM. In addition to this, you also need Adobe AIR which available for free download at adobe’s website. Another popular question asked about Vstroker is what type of internet connection is required to playback such high quality videos from Fleshlight Vstroker website? If you are running on cheap twenty dollars per month internet, do not be worried because you only need a high speed, typically DSL/broadband internet link to download the required videos. Another question is where to get the Vstroker videos? Vstroker videos can be found in the member’s area of the Vstroker Fleshlite website where they have a wide selection of content for all Vstroker uses to enjoy at their leisure. Every purchase of a Vstroker includes a free 14 day trial membership for Vstroker videos. To get more Vstroker videos after the first 14 days, you can find premium individual downloads from large well known porn stars with their own series of Vstroker videos. After cancelling membership, will you billed membership charges each month? The answer is no, you will not be billed after your membership cancels if you cancel with the first 14 days. Vstroker currently ships to US, Canada and Europe as well as variety of other regions across the world. They do not require a signature upon delivery or have obvious packaging. All Vstroker and Fleshlight products ship in discreet box from a company printed as ILF, which stands for Interactive Life Forms, a parent company of Fleshlight, Fleshjack and Vstroker. The refund policy for Vstroker is that all items not opened and not used are eligible for return and refund within 30 days only. Test your product right when you get it because if the Vstroker is damaged or defective, you only have 30 days to contact Vstroker support and ask for a refund. When I got my first Vstroker, it worked really well at first but then on the third week, it stopped working and I contacted Vstroker customer support and they shipped me a new Vstroker in a week after returning mine. There was no questions asked and all I had to do was ship the product back to return address and I had a new Vstroker in days. My new Vstroker has never stopped working even after many months of hard use almost every single day.

3DXChat Supports Vstroker

3DXChat is an award winning 3D sex chat simulator complete with an extensive virtual reality world and large community of men and women. All types of sex are allowed in the land of 3DXChat and members are encouraged to spend time on the beach and in the nightclub meeting new friends to fuck in the privacy of your customizable house and yacht. Any game that allows players to straight off the bat have a yacht and sweet Caribbean crib that you can use to fuck lots of tight whores knows exactly how to please players. Thankfully Fleshlight has jumped in the fuck fest of 3D cyber space with the Vstroker. Vstroker is compatible with 3DXChat which means that fucking in game is linked to fucking the Vstroker pocket pussy in real life. Fleshlight has done many things in the past that make them a great brand but this is amazing how far they have now taken Fleshlight to simulate virtual sex in 3DXChat. 3DXChat is probably the best online multiplayer sex game available in 2017 and they are releasing updates constantly to make it better. 3DXChat paired with Vstroker and Oculus Rift makes for the most interactive virtual sex experience possible that money can buy. The Oculus Rift is a cutting edge virtual reality headset that creates detailed immersive 3D worlds for the user to look through. Paired with 3DXChat and Vstroker, the Oculus Rift makes going on virtual dates one hundred times more fun. Eharmony and match have no room to compete with the power of virtual dates on 3DXChat. The sex on 3DXChat is mind blowing and very diverse. It does not matter what gender you are or what sexuality you are, you can make a character based on yourself. The player customization is extensive and you really create an accurate representation of a virtual self. The only difference between this virtual self and the ones you might find in Runescape is that you can use the 3DXChat character to have sex with other 3DXChat characters of real players in real time. Vstroker allows you to control the speed of sex in 3DXChat through the device in the usb stick plugged into your computer.

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